Friday, December 17, 2010

New Job

Continuation to the New Clothing caption:

"Sir, it's been seven months and I think my punishment has gone on long enough. I know it was wrong to harrass all those women before and I've learned my lesson. I want my old life, my old job, and my old male body back. Everyday I have been treated inapproriately. Yes sir, I know I've been a good secretary to you, but I just can't... Why yes I do have nice breasts. Yes sir, of course I will show them to you."

The sexy secretary unbuttoned her suit. What she didn't know was that the moment she asked to be changed back was when she would completely fit into her new role.

"You like my big breasts, don't you sir? I feel so horny right now. Why yes, my lips are perfect for cocksucking. Yes sir, I'll get right on that."

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