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To Understand a Daughter

Story: Guitar Hero Slut

Ben was a big fan of the Guitar Hero videogames. He would play the games constantly and buy the latest one every year. whenever he had friends over he would practically force them to play Guitar Hero. His friends would often make fun of him with his obession with Guitar Hero and say that he was a total slut for the whole franchise since it was the only thing he ever really played. Ben would always reassure himself that it wasn't his fault he enjoyed certain games more than other games.

One day, Ben recieved a package and a letter in the mail from his friend Ray about some new Guitar Hero game. Opening the package it revealed what appeared to be a new Guitar Hero game entitled "Guitar Hero: Worshipers of Rock." Ben thought it was odd that he had never heard of such a sequel. Regardless, Ben became excited and popped it into his Xbox 360.

Within moments Ben was rocking out to several songs. Eventually he went into the game's career mode so he could unlock more. The plot of the career mode involved a band needing someone to follow them around get more attention for the band.  Ben's virtual character would whore out the band's image and play guitar in the band as well. As he continued to play through the game, Ben noticed that his character's appearance seemed to be becoming more and more feminine with the completion of every show.

What Ben failed to notice was that his appearance in real life was changing as well. He failed to notice his hair becoming longer and styling itself. He never even realized he had shrunk in height and that his frame was smaller and thinner. He didn't feel his clothes changing appearance and material. He never payed again to the twitch that was changing his face, the feeling of makeup being applied, or the feeling earrings growing from his earlobes or his watch becoming a bracelet. He never changed his stance has hips became wider, his butt plumping out, or noticed the new sensation from his crotch. He also never felt the increasing weight on his chest growing into breasts or the necklace that went between his cleavage. He was now a woman! He just kept smiling while enjoying the game.

After six hours, Ben reached the end of the career mode. He couldn't figure out why his virtual character went from being a man to a woman though. The story ended with the band having become a great success and owing the player thanks. The ended with a message.

"Congratulations! You are the best rocking slut ever!"

"What..." Ben said trailing off and hearing his new feminine voice.

Ben put his hand to his mouth. Shocked at the sound of his voice, Ben noticed his hands and how they were smaller with longer fingernails. Looking straight down he could see his new body and screamed. Reaching into his pants with one hand he could feel what was his vagina now. With his other hand he squeezed one of his breasts. He screamed again and went silent one he heard a knocking at his door.

"You in there, Ben? Its me Ray. I know whats happened to you." said the voice outside.

Walking to the door, Ben let in Ray into his apartment.

"What did you do to me, Ray!?"
"Allow me to explin the whole story. You see, I think you've become a bad friend over the years ever since the first Guitar Hero game came out. You turned into a complete worshiper of those things and you always try to get someone to play with you when you have the oppertunity. Like that one day when you had me over and kept insisting I play 'one more song.' I ended up missing a job interview that could have made my life a lot better, but instead I was held back by trying to be a good friend to you."
"You could have left if you wanted to!"
"But you kept whining and you know how everyone hates it when you whine. Quite sad for a man your age, or should I say woman?"

Before Ben could protest further, Ray continued with his expalnation.

"I had been thinking of a way to get back at you for a while. Some small revenge, but a few days ago I met this strange man in a dark robe selling discounted games in an alleyway. He made a pitch and sold me a Guitar Hero game of his own creation insisting I could use it to get back at you as well as put you in your place. So now you have become the slut everyone has claimed you to be."

Ben stood in shock. His mind couldn't handle what was happening to him. Then the rest of the game's effects took hold. She let out a giggle.

"Of course I'm such a Guitar Hero slut! It's not like I can play any other games as easily." said Ben, now Rebecca.
"Well, you do suck at every other game." said Ray, playing along with the new reality.
"Sooo, you want to play for a bit?"
"I don't think so, B....Be....Rebecca."
"Awww. What if I did this?"

Rebecca began to take off her pants, revealing her black panties.

"Or maybe this?" she continued, taking off the rest of her clothes, leaving only her panties and covering her breasts.

"Come on. You want to play now?" she giggled.
"Totally. But how about we play something else?" said Ray.
"Like what?" she giggled again.
"How about you get on your knees, take off those panties, and be a good slut."
"Okay! That sound much better!"

"You are such a rocking slut, Rebecca."
"I know I am. After I'm done here we can go to my bed and really play around. I feel sooo fucking horny right now."

"Now you just sit over there and let me be the slut I am."

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Story: Hardcore Phone Sex Line

Carl Meldon was a collector of antiques and liked to purchase anything that old and interesting looking. One day he went to a garage sale where he found this old fancy rotary phone. Carl approached the person who se up the garage to ask how much the phone was. The owner was a thirty year old beautiful busty blonde woman. The woman said the phone was ten dollars. Carl was curious about the phone's history as to where it came from, bringing up the fact that he was an antique collector. The woman only said that it used to belong to her mother, but she had no idea what or where her mother got it from. Carl paid the ten dollars and headed home.

When Carl returned home, he sat down to watch some TV and placed the phone on the table next to him. After a few minutes of watching television, Carl was surprised to hear the phone he had bought begin to ring. This was very surprising to Carl since the phone was not hooked up to any phone line. Out of curiousity, Carl reached over and pick up the phone.

"Hello?" said Carl not sure if anyone would answer.

What responded was the sexy breathy voice of a woman.

"Be sure to dress sexy while you're talking on the phone, you busty bimbo you." said the voice.

Carl became frozen as the voice finished talking. He could feel his body begin to move around, becoming smaller and bigger in different areas. He could feel his waist constricting and his hips becoming wider. His hands and arms became thinner as did his feet and legs, although his thighs plumped a bit as his ass became rounder. There was a funny feeling in his crotch now and the skin around his nipples started to tingle. His face twitched as his head shrank to look right on his shorter body. His eyes became bigger, his eyelashes longer, his eyebrows thinner, his nose smaller, and his lips plumper. His hair grew a darker brunette color and extended to the middle of his back and into the cleavage of his now fully grown large breasts. Now his clothing was changing. Gone were his t-shirt, jeans, socks, shoes, and boxers. Carl's new body now wore a piece of black lingerie that covered each of his breasts and went over his shoulders revealing great amount of cleavage. A big leopard print belt was around his waist and a brown satin skirt that ended above his knees, under the skirt were black panties. His shoes had been replaced by black four inch high heels. Still holding the phone up to his ear, the transformed Carl stared at the ceiling with a blank face. It seemed even his home was going through some changes...

The new woman blinked her eyes a few times upon hearing another voice through the phone. A male voice.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" said the voice.

The voice belonged to a man named Greg Glover, a lonely man who had randomly come across a number on a piece of paper that somehow got in his pocket with an old receipt. He saw that the number was for a phone sex line. Greg wasn't the type of guy to usual call such a number, but he hadn't been with a woman for a long time and he was desperate. He was willing to pay the ten dollars an hour

On the other end of the phone, the new woman had a smile spread across her face. Carl Meldon was no more, now there was only Candy Melons. The busty bimbo spoke into the phone in a breathy sensual voice.

"Hi, you've, like, called the Hardcore Phone Sex Line. My name is Candy. Heehee!" she said.
"Hello, Candy. My name is Greg."
"Oooh, you sound sexy."
"I think you sound sexier."
"Oh, you're making my nipples hard."
"What are you wearing, Candy?"
"Black lingerie on top and a short skirt with a leopard print belt. I'm showing sooo much cleavage."
"How big are your tits, Candy?"
"I'm a natural 34DDD."
"Oh yeah? That sounds good for a titty fuck." he said, starting to grab his dick.
"Oooh, I like the sound of that. How big are you? Heehee!"
"A good six and a half inches."
"Ohhh yeah! How long will you titty fuck me?" she said, starting to touch her pussy.
"Until I unload all over you!"
"Oh yes!"
"You're not going to let me stay soft are you?"
"Oh god no!"
"What are you goin to do next?"
"Start, like, giving you a blowjob!"
"If you don't swallow it all you'll get a good spanking."
"But I want both."
"Oh you will."
"Oh, you're making me sooo totally wet, Greg!"
"I'll give it to you hard while I squeeze your big fucking tits!" he said, rubbing himself more.
"Ohhh! Yes! Yes! I feel like I'm gonna cum!" she said, fingering herself harder and pushing her breasts together with her elbows.

After three hours both cried out in pleasure. Greg could hear Candy panting over the phone.

"I'm going to need wash these pants now. That was amazing, Candy"
"It was, like, no problem, sweety. Thank you for calling the Hardcore Phone Sex Line."
"No, thank you." he said, ready to hang up, before Candy stopped him.
"Oh! One more thing, Greg." she said, aware of what she had to do next.

"Like, remember to totally dress sexy while you're talking on the phone, you slutty blonde bitch you. Heehee!"

Just like Carl, Greg became frozen and unable to move. He would eventually transform into Gina Glory, a sexy slutty blonde with an attitude deserving her to be called a bitch. After her transformation was done, another person would run across a piece of paper with a number on it. Eventually there would be more and more call girls. The phone Carl had bought used to belong to a woman who had owned a brothel that was shut down by a greedy male landowner. The woman had kept her business secret from her daughter, who never did find out about it. When the brothel closed down the woman lost all the ladies that she had employed and could never rebuild. She had decided to put a curse on her phone. If a man ever came into possession of her phone, a phone sex line would start and spread to other phones until forty-five men were transformed into sexy women ready to start up another brothel. The brothel would be whatever building the first victim was in.

What used to be Carl's home in the hills was now a new brothel containing its first whore Candy Melons. The rest of the whores would eventually find their to their new home.

"Oh, I can't, like, wait for of the rest of the girls to get here!"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gif Caption

The moment Larry became a sexy asian woman named Yoko after putting on the cursed outfit, she immediately decided to start expereimenting with making internet videos of her new self.