Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anything Means Anything

A caption I owed Nadine on

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Relaxing in the Grass, Reminiscing

Another caption I owed to waithstrike

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Great in Stockings

Caption I owed wraithstrike on

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Quick Formspring response.

The same can go for anyone else who wants to contact me.


How can i contaact you to talk about the girls and stuff?

I prefer keeping my email private. You can always create an account on and send me a private message there.


Besides as a way to contact me, that site is also a good place to visit frequently for a bunch of TG fiction.

Man of the House

While I'm busy thinking about the next "Best Friends Forever" continuation and more pregnancy and anime captions and other requests and what not, I might as well post what I have now to keep you all entertained.

This is a caption I made for Davewashere25 on

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Formspring plus an update

Two more responses to Formspring questions. But first, let me mention that I write captions when inspiration hits me and when I have the right image to use. I have a few requests I haven't gotten around to yet and I also owe captions to the people who have made me captions on (that is why I've been constantly mentioning that site with certain captions, for those that don't know about the caption trading on that site). I also have a few of my own works to make continuations to that I haven't made in a while.

I do my best to get these requests done and the only reason I haven't stopped accepting them is because the ones I have been asked to do have lead to some nice captions. I'm also kind enough not to refuse the requests I can work from. So if you have asked me to do something through Formspring and I have agreed to go with the idea, I am sorry I have not gotten around to making it yet. That goes for the next two Formspring questions as well. I will do my best to work on things as quick as possible.


Could you please do more anime caps a i love the idea and if its not to much trouble anime tg sequence caps thank you

I will try to do that. I've been meaning to do some more anime captions and I'm sorry I haven't gained inspiration from any as of late.

As the guy who asked for the prego lesbian cap, let me say that it's fantastic! Hope you do more preg caps soon!

Glad you liked it. I hope I find good pictures for more pregnant captions.


Keep in mind I have real life to deal with also and that I write all this stuff in secret.

Firsthand Experience

A caption I made for Jake on

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Strange Turn of Events

Caption I made for Martha on

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Request Caption: A Unique Couple" and Formspring questions

Two more Formspring request questions.


Could you do caps featuring cat girls(cosplay)?

I could, but I've never come across any cosplay pictures. I think I have anime images I could use for that, if those are okay.

I'm super psyched to hear that you're going to be doing prego caps soon! Maybe I've been watching too much "16 and Pregnant", but wouldn't a mix of pregnancy and age regression be a lot of fun too?

I guess that would be a good caption premise. The yougest age I keep characters in my writing is eighteen, but I guess I could do a caption about a middle aged man becoming a sixteen year old pregnant girl.


This caption is for the person who asked for a pregnancy caption that wanted me to try and include lesbians.

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Time Extension

Caption I made for Gwendolyn on

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Don't Tell a Teen Bitch Smoker What to Do

A caption I made for Argus on

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More Formspring answers along with some I think I forgot to post

Could you do some pregnant caps? They're by far my favorite!

Yet another type of caption I've been meaning to do. I know I have at least one or two images lying around for one of those.

PS: Extra points for the pregnant woman being a lesbian.

I think I might be able to squeeze that in.

Could you make a body suit caption about a guy named Gideon

A bodysuit caption is do-able.

how about a jedi stories where you wake up as Jaina Solo or Tahiri Valar in this work with all their knoleage

I don't have any knowledge about that, so I may be unable to do such a request. Sorry.


Was there supposed to be an image of Bea Flora here to make a caption with?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Oversea Job Exchange

Caption I made for Elly on

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Quick Formspring responses

You do some amazing work and was wondering if you were interested in doing a cap request?

Thanks for liking my writing. As for a request, I've already been doing those as shown in my blog posts, so one more couldn't hurt. You could have just mentioned your request here.

I was wondering if you could make a cap about a teenage boy turning into his mom and thinking he was always her?

I could do that.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

New Role

This a caption I made for JPL on

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Something Took Over

This was another caption I made for Shauna Marie in return for a caption on

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Proud and Intelligent

This is a caption I made for wraithstrike on

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grand Reward for Volunteers

This is a caption I made for Shauna Marie on

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The Genie of Respect

This is a caption I made for Tatiana on

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Request Story for jwargod: Best Friends Forever Part 4

I've been meaning to continue this sooner, but I've had trouble writing it lately so there isn't much to this part. I thought I would post what I had now since there hasn't been an update to this story in a while and I won't be able to get online for most of this week. As for the story, I think there will be at least two or three more parts after this considering how I have the plot going.


Miho quickly entered the man's car, leading him to drive down the alley she had just walked out from. There wasn't any room for action in the front due to Miho's bust. So the two ended up going to the backseat. The weight of Miho's breast forced her down as she layed on her back, barely able to see the man who was about to enter her. Miho felt her shorts and thong get pulled down. Heat was building up within her, she couldn't wait for it to happen and when it did her eyes opened wide acknowledging the feeling she had never felt before. She could feel the stranger moving in and out of her chaging between slow and fast. Miho began to moan in ectasy. Moaning soon turned to screaming, becoming louder and louder. She had felt a completely new sensation and she loved it. The man continued to thrust in and out of Miho and began to squeeze her giant breasts, making her feel further pleasure. Time seemed to stay still for Miho, but in reality three hours had passed. She had cum two times already, but on the third time she let the man know.

"Ooooh, I cumming, Miho cumming!" she yelled, gasping.
"I think I'm about to as well." said the man.

At the same time both of them came. The man flopped onto Miho's breast, the softest things he had ever come into contact with. Miho moaned as her pussy juices continued to drip out of her and onto the backseat of the car. If anyone had witnessed them from outside, they would have seen the car bouncing back and forth.

"I'd like you to do more to me, but I don't think you can move right now." said the man.
"I think that arl I need." replied Miho.
"I don't care if you do charge cheaper, that was the greatest sex I've ever had, you're the most amazing woman I've ever met. You deserve all of that four hundred dollars." he said after rubbing his face in Miho's cleavage.

The man helped Miho out of the backseat of his car and payed Miho her money as she pulled up her thong and shorts, now smelling of sex.

"I hope I can see you again." the man said, getting in car and driving away, his gaze not leaving Miho as he looked at her through his rearview mirror.

The man drove out of sight and Miho looked at the money she had just made. Part of her felt shocked by what she did, but she felt so good from it that she was beginning to care less. She couldn't believe she had just made four hundred dollars by having sex. Then her mind came back into focus. She had had sex as a woman!

"Oh dear God, what I just do," Miho questioned herself, "I a horny Japanese girr!"

Her words sent realization through her brain. She had enjoyed pleasuring herself earlier that day, but now she felt like that was all she wanted.

"This too much. I better hurry home." she thought to heself, quickly walking away from the alley her female virginity was taken from.

Worry began to set in her head, hoping no one else would mistake her for a streetwalker. he sighed in relief when she saw the apartment. She felt glad that she had remembered to take her keys with her. Upon entering the apartment, Miho turned on a light. Hanna did not appear to have returned yet. Sitting down in a chair, Miho turned on the television to break the silence the room had. Part of her felt dirty for what she did while another part of her felt excited for more. Miho wondered what the future had in store for Hanna and herself. She just wanted to be Matthew again. She wanted to be the one entering a woman. Closing her eyes, Miho slowly drifted to sleep.

Miho slowly opened her to a sun lit room. It was now morning. She turned her head, hearing humming coming from the bathroom and the sound of a shower turning off. A few minutes later, Hanna walked out with towels wrapped around her hair and chest. The towel somehow held together around her body, revealing her cleavage. Miho rubbed her when Hanna finally noticed she was awake.

"Good morning sleepy head! I'm sooo sorry I let you walk all the way home. You're feet must have totally been killing you in those heels."
"Don't worry about it," she said, remembering the pleasure she ended up getting from walking home, "So, did you win contest?"
"Oh yeah," Hanna yelled, "I totally did! I was, like, everybody's favorite. I also payed off our rent."
"That's good."
"Hey, you seem kinda, you know, like, down or something. Something wrong?"
"You mean besides being stuck women with no identities? No, there nothing wrong." Miho lied, not wanting to mention her night.
"Look, I, like, don't like being stuck like this either. I just can't help but enjoy it though. With this body I can make soo much money."
"Then why not work as stripper?"

Hanna paused, averting her eyes away from Miho.

"You don't mean you got hired as stripper do you?" asked Miho.
"Well... Yeah, I did." Hanna admitted.
"What wrong with you!? You want to be stuck as cock sucking bimbo stripper?"
"Well it's not like I want to stay like this! We can't find those two that did this to us so why not use what we got to make money, you know? If there are new things this body forces me enjoy then, like, I might as well do them."
"Werl I don't wanna enjoy any more sex!" Miho blurted out, her eyes went wide once she realized what she said.
"What did you say?" Hanna asked, surprised.
"I mean... I..."
"Miho, did you have sex?"
"I... I didn't mean to. I got rearry horny whire warking home. Some guy thought I was hooker and... I couldn't help myserf. This body just get so horny." Miho finished explaining.
"Uh, how did it feel?" Hanna asked, not wanting to be akward.
"It was... Unberievabrle. I even got four hundred dolrars. I feer rike srut!" she said, trying not to cry.

Hanna walks over to Miho and puts her hand on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, Miho, everything's going to be alright." Hanna tried to reassure her.
"I doubt that." Miho said, wiping a tear.
"Come on, Miho, we're 'BFF's' remember? If we're going to be stuck like this then, like, we'll help each other throughout."
"Well, okay I guess."
"Yay," Hanna yelled, bending down to hug Miho in the chair, "I'm so glad I could make you feel a little better."

Hanna and Miho continued to talk things through about how they were going to go about their lives as women with no identification. Hanna mentioned how the stripclub hired her without any background information and that the owner only cared about having hot girls to strip. She suggested Miho try to work there as well.

"I rearry need to think about that." said Miho.
"Okay well I, like, need to go out and buy some cute outfits to strip out of. You ant to come along?" said Hanna.
"Sorry I just stay here for now."

Hanna hugged Miho one more time before she walked out of the apartment, leaving Miho with her thoughts.


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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Request Caption: Confidential File of Private Barak

This is for the person who asked for this request.

can you creat a caption which is army related and with a guy named barak?

Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.

What Only 500,000 Views Can Do

My blog has finally gone over 500,000 page views. Thanks a lot to all of you for taking the time to view my captions and thank you for taking the time to leave ratings and comments about my writing.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Not Your Usual Super Powers

When I saw this image I had the idea of a superhero themed caption. I'm not sure how I came up with this end result though. Enjoy it for what it is.

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Bodyswap Regret

If I can't work on a request, I might as well still make some kind of caption.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Request Caption: Releasing the Inner Spirit" and a Formspring question and request answered.

First lets get the Formspring stuff out of the way.


Hey would you like me to do some captions for you? help you out a bit.

No, that won't be necessary. I think it defeats the purpose of having my own blog. Thanks anyway.

Cou;ld you do some more anime captions?

I had a feeling someone would bring this up. I have been wanting to do that, but I just haven't gained inspriration from many. So I'll try to make more anime captions, but it all depends really.


Now for the caption. With the image I had, this is the caption for the person that wanted a hippie caption. I wrote it based on what the request asked for and what was in the image.

Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

More requests asked for through Formspring.

I've been having some difficulty writing more of "Best Friends Forever" so here are two more requests asked through Formspring to give an idea of what captions may arrive in the future.


Could you do something with an Indian cultural tf? ^_^

That's possible. I need to find an image for one.

perhaps one where a hippie chick is tired of her brother making comments about her bare feet..and forces him to become a barefoot hippie chick?

I think I recently came across good pictures for a hippie caption.


Besides being busy with life, I'm also feeling a bit "overwhelmed" by requests since they've been the majority of what I've been posting lately. So forgive me if I don't get around to them right away or if I post a non-request caption or story I was inspired to make.