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Happy New Year!

I feel I have to mention this is my 100th blog post. When I started this blog I never expected I give it as much attention as I have. I also never expected to have so many people become Followers on this blog. So I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has visited and revisited my blog. Happy New Year!

I wasn't able to caption this image in the usual format, so I'll post it as it is.

"Wow, Shannon! What was in that drink? I feel like a whole new person! And where did all this stuff come from? Oh, and that DJ!"
"Well, Kevin, a little gender switch potion in your wine and a little reality altering spell can change a lot. You know we're both bi-sexual so I thought I'd mix things up for the new year. What do you think?"
"I think I make a great red head! You always know how to surprise me, sweetheart. I'm totally feeling horny being nude like this with you."
"Happy New Year, lover. What do you say we dance and celebrate with the DJ over there?"
"Of course, darling! What's a better way to start off the new year than with a new life?"


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Story: You Can't Escape Your Perfect Match

I went through a few different ways in my head on how this story was to unfold. I hope it turned out well.


Nick had signed up for a program that would find him his perfect match. He had participated in many other dating fields and he thought an experimental one would be interesting to try out. when he arrived at the described location of the place that was conducing the experiment, he was asked to fill out some information about himself.

Name: Nick Lanford
Age: 29
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 236 lbs.
Ethnicity: Caucasian
About youself: I have a bit of fat on me, but otherwise I'm in good shape. I have a well paying job and I'm a hard worker. I've been depressed sometimes, but I know the right woman will make things better.
What you want in your pefect match: I want her to be a beautiful busty blonde with a killer body. I'd prefer if she wasn't too smart, but that isn't that important

After filling out the form, Nick returned it to the receptionist who said she would see if they had the perfect match for him. Nick sat in the lobby for thirty minutes and the receptionist hadn't returned. He noticed the company's logo on the wall to his right: "BioMate: Find Your Perfect Match." Nick thought to himself as to how he never heard of the company before. Maybe they had just started up? They didn't seem all that busy either. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the clicking of the receptionist's heels.

The receptionist had returned and she informed Nick that they were unfortuneately unable to find anyone who met his qualifications for a perfect match. However she also told Nick that they would be able to make him a perfect match for the person that had came in earlier. The receptionist guided Nick away from the lobby and down the hall she had went down before. Nick was a little disappointed that they couldn't find him the woman he specified, but he thought that might be because they haven't had many participants. Whatever woman they were going to introduce him he was going to appreciate it regardless. Nick just wanted someone to be with.

To Nick's surprise the recetionist lead him into what looked like a doctor's office and not a room where he would meet a woman. The receptionist told Nick to wait for Dr. Robertson to arrive. She then left the room, closing the door behind her. Now Nick was even more confused. Thinking back, he was entirely sure what kind of dating operation was set up here. The ad he ran across in the newspaper just said the location of the building and that a "perfect match would be found for anyone." What had the receptionist meant by them making him the perfect match for the person that came in earlier? It was at this moment Nick was having second thoughts. Before he could leave the room, the door opened.

A white man in a lab coat with graying hair and a beard entered the room. Nick assumed this was Dr. Robertson. Dr. Robertson told Nick to lie down on the bed over in the corner, which Nick did having no other choice. Dr. Robertson went on about how Nick would be the first to "test this procedure on." Preparing a syringe, Dr. robertson told Nick to remain calm and that it was all part of the process of making him into a perfect match. Nick was feeling scared, but allowed himself to be given the shot. Anything to find his own true love. Before passing out, Nick couldn't help but wonder what all this talk was about making him into a perfect match.

Nick awoke slowly, feeling light headed. He opened his eyes realizing his vision was blurred. From what he could tell, he was now in a different room and alone. He struggld to sit up and felt strange all over, something seemed to draped over his head as well. Nick thought that his vision must have been really messed up from whatever they did to him. All he could see was blurs of white from the room and blurs of black and red from his body. Rubbing his eyes he noticed that helped a little. Putting his hands to his face, Nick noticed it felt different. With his vision focusing more, he spotted a small mirror on the table next to him. His vision became completely clear as he became shocked by what he saw.

With a loud feminine gasp, Nick saw the face of a sexy black woman reflected back from the mirror. Dropping the mirror, he looked down to see an incredible body wearing a red bikini and red five inch high heels. Nick jumped from the bed he had been lying down on, feeling the jiggling sensations of his new body, and almost fell over on his heels when he got to his feet. Nick first thought was to take off the ridiculous shoes he had on, but something in the back of his head prevented him from doing so. Instead, to his surprise, he walked perfectly over to the door and left the room with the thought of escaping this place he was in.

"Where," he gasped, hearing his feminine huskier voice, "Where... Where am I?"

What awaited Nick outside the room was a series of hallways he hadn't seen before. Turning his head left and right, feeling the swishing of his longer hair, the place seemed to be deserted. He took a step and heard the click of one of the shoes. Nick wanted to take the damn things off, but there was a nudging feeling in his brain to keep them on. What didn't make sense to him was how he able to walk in them at all. Deciding to go left, nick walked down the hallway. Each wall was alligned with door after door after door. Every crossroad seemed to lead to more hallways. Before he could think out a plan, a loud beeping began to ring. A voice over a speaker followed.

"Our customer's match is loose. Please find her so we may introduce her to her perfect match, Vince Rennings."

Nick didn't have to think twice to know they were talking about him, but who was Vince? Hearing footsteps draw closer to his position, Nick panicked and entered the first door closest to him. It was labeled "staff only." The room Nick had entered was filled aisles of metallic drums stacked high on top of each other. Moving as fast as the heels let him, Nick ran deeper into the room. He didn't stop until he had no idea where he was. Nick had noticed his breast had been jiggling more than when he was in the hallway. Putting his hands into the bikini, he realized it had come undone in the time he was running.

At this moment, Nick heard another voice over a speaker. This time a more familiar one.

"Our cameras show Mr. Rennings' match has entered the chemical storage room. Mr. Rennings also wants to see her immediately. Bring him to her." said the voice of Dr. Robertson.

Nick began to freak out. How did they know he was in there? Hearing a buzzing sound, Nick looked up and spotted a security camera. As far as Nick could tell he had nowhere else to escape and just ran deeper into the room. He didn't bother with retying his bikini top and just dropped it to the floor. As he continued to run, he could hear voices from somewhere behind. Nick thought that they must have found his discarded bikini top. Dr. Robertson spoke again through the speaker system.

"You know this is pointless. You can't escape the person you are meant to be with. We gurantee we find our customers' perfect match. You are preventing that for Mr. Rennings. You are preventing it for youself as well. We would have given you your original match, but Mr. Rennings has been waiting longer than you have. So we made our adjustments with our special chemical and made you fully female with one of those new age magical drugs that have been rising in popularity lately."

Nick stood in place. He didn't hear anyone following him anymore. Dr. Robertson continued to speak.

"I assume you wish to know who you are now." said the doctor, reading off the following information.

Name: Natasha Lanfeld
Age: 25
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Ethnicity: African-American
About yourself: I'm a regular woman who loves life and enjoys a good time out on the town. I'm hard working and dislike anyone who doesn't take me for what I am. I can also be a bit on the wild side.
What you want in your perfect match: I want someone who will respect me so I can return that respect. I want someone who will never leave or betray me.

Nick opened his eyes wide in surprise. They had created a new life for him! The doctor conintued to speak.

"You are to be introduced to your perfect match." said the doctor, reading off the next filled out form.

Name: Vince Rennings
Age: 27
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 196 lbs.
Ethnicity: African-American
About yourself: I'm vice president at the company I work at, for which I'm due for a promotion in the near future. I look forward to raising a family with my future wife.
What you want in your perfect match: I want someone who will be glad to see me everyday and who will be good to me as much as I am to her.

Nick stood speechless. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"We can also hear you through these cameras, Ms. Lanfeld. You are able to speak to us." said Dr. Robertson.

Nick saw this as his chance to let out all his pent up emotions.

"My name is Nick Lanford! You can't just do this to me damn it! You're taking my life away!" said Nick.
"We will take care of explaining your previous life's disappearance, Ms. Lanfeld." Dr. Robertson explain, continuing to talk through the speakers, "Oh my. It appears the chip we inserted in your brain to change your mannerisms and speech patterns isn't fully operational. That shall be fixed now."

Nick felt an electrical shock in his head. Things in his brain were now different.

"Would you mind saying your name, miss? said Dr. Robertson
"I already told you, didn't I? My name's Natasha Lanfeld!" she said with less anger and more certainty.
"Indeed you are." said the doctor.
"What the hell? What y'all do to me?" Natasha said in shock, placing her hand on her chest and not realizing her bikini bottom slipped down from the movement of her hand.

"The only thing we did was make you perfect for your match." expalined Dr. Robertson.
"What do you mean? I am perfect! I've been perfect my whole life. I never done anything wrong with my life." said Natasha, feeling sure of herself.
"If you say so, Natasha."
"You want to explain what I'm doing here then half naked?" she said, her mind shifting.
"You wanted to surprise your perfect match, Mr. Rennings."
"No, really? Why you telling me what I already know I'm doing?" Natasha said as if she never asked any questions.

Followed by security, Vince Rennings walked from behind one of the stacks of metallic drums. He had short hair and was dressed in a fancy business suit. From what Natasha could tell, Vince seemed to keep himself in good shape. It was love at first sight when the two met eyes. Dr. Robertson spoke through the speaker again.

"Sorry for the hassle, Mr. Rennings, but Ms. Lanfeld insisted on surprising you."
"Well, she did mention on her form she can get a bit on the wild side." said Vince.
"I bet you never met a woman like this." said Natasha in a seductive tone.
"Damn, woman, you need to slow down. How about we get to know each other a bit more over dinner?"
"That sounds real good."

Natasha was eventually lead to a room where she could dress herself for the night out with Vince. The two ended up having a romantic dinner and were inseperable from that day after. The BioMate company managed to cover up Nick Lanford's disappearance saying he had moved out of the country wanting to disconnect all ties from his life and start over. It wasn't that far from the truth, except Natasha had no reason to leave the country. As months passed, years went by and eventually Vince and Natasha married.

The two have been together for the past three years when one day Vince became the president of the company he had worked at for many years. Natasha decided to make that night worthwhile and waited for Vince to arrive home. She couldn't wait and began to get ready for him..


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The Cursed Femme Statue

This is another one of those captions that focuses on story more a bit more. I should say now that it doesn't end well for the characters.

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Uneventful Bodyswap

When making this caption I realized I had two pictures that could work for it, but I couldn't decide on which to use in the end. So I ended up adding the same caption to both. It also allowed me to get rid of two images. Feel free to let me know which one you think works better.

Picture 1

Picture 2

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Real or Fake?

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You Are Mine

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I know I mentioned I'd take at least the entire weekend off, but I'm getting ideas for captions again. This is something I thought of quick.

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Christmas Captions

I've posted the rest of my Christmas captions. Be sure to look at the other Christmas captions I posted earlier in the month by clicking the Christmas label at the end of this post. I plan on taking a break for the rest of the week and the weekend and at least until I can think of more captions. So I hope everyone has an enjoyable Christmas this weekend.

Christmas Wish

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A Feather Duster Christmas

The last time the feather duster was seen was here:

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Krissy the Christmas Bitch

Not sure where I was going with this one, but I hope it turned out well.

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Ms. Femmington's Holiday Offer

I ran across this image and instantly thought of this caption. I should also mention that I plan on posting the rest of my Christmas themed captions tomorrow.

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You'll Be Seeing This View a Lot More

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Sister's Wish

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Quadruple Trouble

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Forcefully Transformed

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Story: A Strange Unexplainable Opportunity

This is another caption I had posted on back in the summer. I thought I post it on here now to get it out of the way so I wouldn't have to do it later, I also changed some of it. It also gives insight about the kind of body I would want to have if I ever had an opportunity to temporarily magically transform into an actual woman. It also hints that I think Denise Milani is the fucking hottest woman I've ever seen.


Kevin Bullord lead an average life like any other normal person at the age of twenty-five. He had an average job, an average home, and nothing too special about him. He lived alone for five years so far in his own house thanks to his parents, who decided to share their lottery winnings at the time.

Whenever Kevin wasn't working he'd stay inside at home. Mostly he would watch television, play some video games, or use the internet. When he was on the internet he'd either be looking at the usual websites he visited or at pictures of sexy women. He would look at pictures of women of any any nationality. Out of all of them though his favorite had to be the Czech Republic beauty Denise Milani.

Kevin was always mesmerized by this beautiful model. He wouldn't mind having a passionate night alone with her. However in reality, Kevin knew such a thing wasn't possible with the way he looked. Kevin was never the person to stay in shape. He wasn't really fat, but he'd lose his breath quick. Sometimes Kevin would wonder if his life would be better if he had a different life or was a different person.

With thoughts of having a different life with different appearance while looking at many pictures of sexy women, Kevin one day had the sudden thought of "What would my life be like if I was a woman?"

Eventually he ran across many sites of fictional stories and comics about men being magically transformed into women. Another thought entered his head "What does it feel like to be a woman?" Kevin remembered all the women he had dated over the years and how they acted. He reminded himself that he was glad to be a guy, but the thought of what being a woman was like still stayed in his head.

As weeks went by, Kevin decided he would need to get in better shape if he wanted to get back in the dating scene. Besides working out at home, Kevin walked around his neighborhood as well. The walk Kevin was on today though would bring an unexpected result.

While thinking of how he could ask out one of the girls at work once he was in better shape, he noticed one of the houses that had been for sale was now occupied. What seemed like a coincidence to Kevin, the new owner stepped onto her front porch. She looked like an older woman in her mid to late fifties. Despite her age, she was very good looking. Her curvy figure was covered by a loose dress that had a beat up ragged appearance at the end of her sleeves and at the hem of her skirt. Her long black hair framed her pale face that had dark makeup on. Her only facial flaw was the noticable wart on her left nostril. She walked to Kevin, who stood looking at her. He could hear the clack of her heels which were hidden by her long dress. She spoke in a seductive voice to Kevin before he could say hello.

"My boy, you should find yourself most fortunate. I shall help you with the question you've been wondering."
"What?" said Kevin.
"I am a Luck Witch," she explained, "And I assist anyone who is lucky enough to come across my current residence when they have something in their lives that can be solved by magic."
"You're a...witch?"
"A Luck Witch."
"Well... Prove it." said Kevin skeptically.

The Luck Witch snapped her fingers causing every blade of grass on her front lawn to turn into a four-leafed clover.

"Whoa!" said Kevin, lifting his glasses and rubbing his eyes.
"Impressive isn't it," questioned the Luck Witch, "Now my powers are telling me that you are in need of my magic to solve one of your questions."
"Well I..." said Kevin, embarrassed that she would find out what he thought on occasions.

The Luck Witch put her hand on Kevin's forehead and then pulled her hand away.

"You wonder what it is like to be woman?" said the Luck Witch.
"Well," explained Kevin, "I have no problems with being a man and I'd like to find the right woman to be with for the rest of my life, but I always get that thought in my head of 'what would it be like?'"
"I see. Do you wish for me to use my powers to transform you into a woman then?" she asked.

Kevin thought of the strange unexplainable opportunity he had right now.

"Can I choose my appearance?" asked Kevin.
"I don't see why not. After all, I exist to help others who find me." replied the Luck Witch.
"Then... I'd like to look just like my favorite model Denise Milani. But I just want my current existence to change as if I was born female. That way I can know if my life would have been better if I was a woman." said Kevin.
"Very well. You current life, but if you were born female and look just like Denise Milani." said the Luck Witch, snapping her fingers.

Kevin began to feel strange. Standing in front of the Luck Witch, she was only a few inches shorter than Kevin. Now she seemed two of three inches taller than him. Kevin shrank from 5'10" to 5'4". His body became thinner and hairless as his weight dropped from 185 lbs. to 116 lbs. Kevin's clothing was now hanging on him since he no longer fit them. His pants that were hanging at his hips were new getting tighter. Kevin's hips were expanding from his thinner frame while his waist squeezed smaller a bit. His jeans were now adjusting to his new lower body. His legs had grown longer, but he remained at the same height. His ass rounded out into a lovely shape complimenting his wider hips. He felt a jolt in his crotch signifying he would have to be refferred to as a female from now on. Her underwear changed to black lace panties. The jeans were now skin tight on her legs opening wide at the bottom around the ankles covering the now too big running shoes. That soon changed as the shoes adjusted to her feet and turning into a pair of brown 4 inch high heels, putting her at 5'8" and giving her butt a noticable lift.

Kevin began to feel strange in his upper body now. The striped t-shirt was now shrinking into a tight fitting black tanktop that showed her belly. Her watch turned into a large bracelet. The tanktop had a logo on it in the shape of a winged heart with a crown with the word "bebe" in the center. Soon large bumps began to grow on her chest. They soon developed into full natural breasts supported by a black lace bra that matched her panties.

The strange feeling moved to her face as her brown hair became a darker brunette and the iris of her eyes went from brown to hazel. Her eyelashes grew longer and heavier as the lens of her glasses darkened. Her lips plumped and were covered in lip gloss. Two big hoop earrings now hung from her ears and her hair grew below her shoulders. The frame of her glasses changed into large sunglasses, her vision now perfect. The transformation was complete.

Lifting her sunglasses and bending her knees, she gazed down at the body she now possesed. Letting out a surprised, amazed gasp, she heard her new sexy voice.

"It worked," she said, "I'm...I'm..."
"Check your indentification to see who you are now." said the Luck Witch.

Pulling a wallet out of her pocket she saw her picture on her ID card but the name and other information changed. She watched the name shift.

Kevin Bullord
Keviu Bullord
KeLiy Bullord
Kelly Bullord

"My name is Kelly." she said.
"Your life is pretty much the same," eplained the Luck Witch, "The lottery ticket your mother bought years ago was still a winning one. You have the same house, same job, and you know the same people. Except now you're known as Kelly Bullord and treated as such. You also have a striking resemblence to Denise Milani."

Kelly examined her new body now with s 34DDD-19-34 figure that was just like Denise Milani's. She slid her hands on her hips and gave one of her breasts a squeeze letting out giggle. This would certainly take some getting used to.

"I've always wondered what those felt like." said Kelly with a smile.
"How long do you wish to stay like this?" asked the Luck Witch.

Kelly thought for a moment.

"How about I live my life like this for one month and if I think my life is better as a woman, then I'll decide if I want to stay as Kelly."
"Then it is done. See me here again after one month has passed. One last thing," said the Luck Witch, placing her hands on Kelly's hips, creating a glow, "I can't have a grown woman like youself tripping in those heels."

Giving each other a smile, the Luck Witch went back into her house leaving Kelly alone. It was time to find out what being a woman was like. Luckily for her she hadn't walked that far from her house. With her hips swaying and heels clicking, Kelly walked home and into a different life.


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The TG Water Has Been Spread!

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Instant Message, Instant Transformation

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Ahhh! That Feels So...

Oh my god! That feels so amazing! My girlfriend was getting distant from me lately. To my shock, she told me she no longer found me sexually attractive. But she didn't want to break my heart. So she chanted these strange words and before I knew it I was a woman! We've been making out and fondling each other ever since. I love it when she grabs my... Oooohhh! Ooohh... Mmmmm...


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Still Getting Used to It

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New Job

Continuation to the New Clothing caption:

"Sir, it's been seven months and I think my punishment has gone on long enough. I know it was wrong to harrass all those women before and I've learned my lesson. I want my old life, my old job, and my old male body back. Everyday I have been treated inapproriately. Yes sir, I know I've been a good secretary to you, but I just can't... Why yes I do have nice breasts. Yes sir, of course I will show them to you."

The sexy secretary unbuttoned her suit. What she didn't know was that the moment she asked to be changed back was when she would completely fit into her new role.

"You like my big breasts, don't you sir? I feel so horny right now. Why yes, my lips are perfect for cocksucking. Yes sir, I'll get right on that."

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Story: Garden Trespasser

This was a caption I made on a while back. I captioned it for my blog now, but it's ridiculously long. I think I should just consider it a story, actually. I'll add the text as well to this post.

Eighteen year old Kevin Tillmond was getting ready to leave for college when he thought it would be a good idea to reminisce his younger days by going next door where old lady Linda Yellowell lived and ruin her garden one last time. As a child, Kevin was a troublemaker. He once pranked the neighbors across the street from Ms. Yellowell's house so bad that they moved out, causing no one to live there to the present day.

Back then there had been a rumor spread by the neiborhood children that old Linda Yellowell was a witch. The young Kevin thought he could make the witch go away if he destroyed her garden. After that incident, Kevin was punished by Ms. Yellowell heself, with no complaints from his parents. About once or twice a month, Kevin would destroy Ms. Yellowell's garden until it was the only thing he got in trouble for doing. Eventually Kevin matured and stopped his destruction of the garden. He was old enough to know Ms. Yellowell wasn't really a witch.

Now Kevin wanted to destroy that garden one last time before leaving home. Kevin walked next door and hopped the white picket fence and into Ms. Yellowell's front yard where he stomped and pulled on a few flowers. He then hopped the fence into her backyard where he proceeded in destroying other plants. In most cases this would be seen as trespassing, but feeling nostalgic, Kevin saw it as a good old prank. Kevin stopped what he was doing when he heard a voice behind him. On her back porch was the eighty-five year old Linda Yellowell with an angered expression on her face.

"Oh, hello, Ms. Yellowell," said Kevin as if he were surprised, "I see you're looking as healthy as ever."
"And I see you've come back once again to destroy my garden," said Ms. Yellowell annoyed with her arms crossed, "I never though you would destroy my backyard as well."
"You know me, sometimes I just can't resist." he said in a joking manner.
"I thought you wouldn't do this kind of thing anymore?" she asked with an eyebrow raised.
"Well I figured I destroy your garden once more for old time's sake."
"That's what you said when you were entering high school and I let you off that time because I believed you. I even went as far as not telling anyone it was you. But you're just the same troublemaker you've always been."
"You have to admit my behavior has improved though," he says with a smile, "So does that mean you won't let me off the hook this time? Am I to get another scolding? Be forced to clean your house again?"

Ms. Yellowell looked like she was about to explode with anger.

"Listen here, you little smartass, I was willing to forgive your past actions once you were long gone at college, but that is not going to happen now!"
"Easy, Ms. Yellowell, I didn't think you'd get so mad." said Kevin feeling sorry.
"You know what? I don't think your behavior will improve beyond what it is now. I'm going to fix you good!"
"And how are you going to do..."

Kevin trailed off when he noticed Ms. Yellowell's destroyed garden grow back to how it once was. A look of shock and confusion appeared across his face.

"How did you think I kept my garden looking so well even after you destroyed it? Not that you or anyone else would have noticed anyway." she said with a grin.
"How is that possible? Wait, you are a witch!?"
"Sorry you had to find out like this, but I'm now feeling the rest of the world does not need anyone with your behavior." she says, walking down the steps of the porch.
"Are you going to kill me!?"
"What? No! More like rewrite your existence. Now hold still and be silent." she said sternly.

Kevin couldn't move or speak. All he could do was stand still as Ms. Yellowell did what she wanted.

"Did you ever know I was good friends with the family that used to live across from me? I was quite angry when you forced them to move away. No one would even move in afer them because of you! I think I'll fix that problem as well."

Even though he was frozen, Kevin's face still showed fear.

"You know Kevin, I think you made me despise men more than I already have. I can stand your gender well enough, but I think I wouldn't mind there being one less in this neighborhood."

Kevin could feel his body begin to tingle.

"I think this neighborhood needs a resident that is older and more mature. Maybe even someone who stands out a bit, wouldn't you say?"

Kevin couldn't respond even if he wanted to.

"You can forget about going to college, or going at all for that matter. I believe you went into a very interesting career choice once you graduated high school...ten years ago."

Kevin became confused at that last statement. How could he have graduated from high school ten years ago? He graduated back in the summer.

"I'm sure everyone will be glad to meet the new neighbor," said Ms. Yellowell rasing an arm in the air, "I'm sure you would have liked her, Kevin. She's everything you might have lusted after. SHE will certainly respect my property more than YOU ever did." she says, snapping the fingers of her raised hand.

The tingle Kevin had felt before intensified and he began to feel very warm. He could feel his body become thin in some places and expand in other places. The biggest expansion was in his chest. Kevin wanted to see what was happening, but he was still frozen still and his vision was now blocked by longer and darker brown hair. His stance change making his legs stand side by side. His face twitched and he blinked, feeling something being applied on his eyelids and eyelashes. Something now hung from both of his ears and there was a taste on his lips. Feeling continued to be regained he breathed, causing something new to rise and fall on his chest. The warmth left his body causing him to feel the cool breeze on his now bare legs.

Ms. Yellowell smiled at the sight in front of her. A beautiful woman began to start feeling around her body. The woman moved the hair out of her eyes and let out a shocked gasp. The woman looked down at her short, revealing pink dress and silver 5-inch heels. She felt her big circular earrings and moved on to grasping her large breast. She stared at her magnificent cleavage exposed by the dress. She moved her hands under the dress, feeling her crotch forcing a shocked expression across her beautiful face. The woman then bent forward with one hand feeling her nice round butt and the other feeling one of her long slender legs. She finally stopped focusing on herself and looked up at Ms. Yellowell, still bent over.

"What did you..." she stopped, cut off by her beautiful new voice.
"You look so lovely, Kevin!" said Ms. Yellowell.
"What... What have you done to me!?" said the woman who used to be Kevin, standing straight up again with her legs together.
"You're the new neighbor!" she said, in a welcoming tone.
"No... No. No! This can't be happening! I'm a woman! What am I going to do!?"
"Live your new life, of course. Here, let me help you finish fitting into your new role." Ms. Yellowell said with a joyful smile.

Ms. Yellowell waved her hand in front of Kevin. Any sign of worry or fright that was on her face was now a blank stare that looked forward. Ms. Yellowell snapped her fingers and the new woman blinked and moved again.

"Thank you so much for coming over to say hello." said Ms. Yellowell with a welcoming smile.
"Huh," the new woman said, her head still feeling foggy, "Oh, I... I..."
"It's so nice to have someone living in that house across the way again. Let me be the first to say 'welcome to the neighborhood.'" the old woman smiled.
"Oh... T-Thank you. It seems like...such a nice neighborhood." the beautiful woman said, feeling a bit unsure.
"Forgive me, dear, but I don't think I've gotten your name?"

The woman shook her head and blinked a few times. A smile spread across her face.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I've been having a rough time with my divorce and moving to a new place. My name is...Kelly. Kelly Tittermound." she says, shaking the old woman's hand.
"My name is Linda. Linda Yellowell."
"Nice you, Mrs. Yellowell."
"'Ms.' actually. And call me Linda."
"So how long have you lived in the neighborhood, Linda?"
"Oh, a very long time. I may look eighty-five, but it feels like I've lived here more than three-hundred years." Linda laughed at her joke, that wasn't really a joke.
"You never married?" asked Kelly.
"No, no. Who needs men anyway?"
"I've been beginning to feel that way since my divorce."

The two women laughed.

"I'm sure you can find someone else to make you happy, Kelly."
"Ha! Yeah right. I don't need anyone else acting like they own me." a sad look was on her face.
"Cheer up, Kelly. Think of moving here as a new start."
"Thanks... I'm glad I have that ass out of my life anyway. He was really immature." Kelly said, getting a smile back.
"So Kelly, what does a gorgeous young woman like yourself do for a living?" asked Linda.
"Well, I'm actually a very popular model." said Kelly, supressing a giggle.
"Well, you look like one. I thought you looked a little familiar. Were you on the television?"
"I did act as a housewife on that short lived sitcom 'Model Mom.' I only auditioned because my ex said I was getting too old to do modeling any more, that immature ass."
"How old are you, dear?" asked Linda.
"I'm only twenty-eight. I started modeling straight after graduating high school and I still am." she said with pride.

Kelly and Linda talked more and more about themselves as the day went by. It was 4:00pm by the time they were wrapping up.

"Thank you for coming over, Kelly. It was nice meeting you." said Linda, showing Kelly to the door.
"You too, Linda. When I moved in across the street, I just had to meet the owner of the house with such a beautiful garden."

As Linda watched Kelly leave, she knew the neighborhood would never be troubled again.


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A Great Gift

Something I thought up quick.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No One Will Even Notice Me

Megan looked at her friends and felt disappointed. Beginning to cry, she put her hands on her breasts.

"What's wrong, Megan?" asked her friend Katie.
"Yeah, we thought you would like being a girl." said her other friend, Penelope.
"I do," said Megan, holding back her tears, "But you guys are bustier than I am. No one will even know I'm around when standing next to you two."
"Oh, Megan, there's no need to cry. I think you look much prettier than Penelope does." said Katie.
"Thanks a lot," said Penelope, "But you have a point. When we used that spell to become girls, I never thought our appearances would have any flaws. I'm just glad my boobs make up for my face."
"Yeah, but I was the one who really wanted to be a girl! You guys just went along for the experience and what do I get? Tits that won't get noticed!" Megan continued to cry.

Katie and Penelope looked at each and tried to think of a way to cheer up Megan.

"Come on, Megan, it's not so bad." said Katie.
"Yeah, I'm sure there are plenty of men who like small boobs." said Penelope.
"Really?" said Megan.
"Of course," said Penelope, "I was just one of them a few minutes ago. You're just focusing on how much you wanted to look like instead of what others may like in a woman."
"Yeah, Penelope is right. Besides, if we get too much attention while clubbing tonight we'll just mention that our friend Megan totally puts out on the first date." said Katie.
"Oh, you guys are the best friends a girl can have!" said Megan.

Wiping away her tears, Megan hugged Katie and Penelope.


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Very Naughty

I planned on posting my Christmas captions next week, but I decided to post this one right now. I also have two more Christmas captions, but I'll post them later. I'm not sure if I'll have more made though. It all depends on how creative I am.

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This Isn't What I Expected

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"Dr. Rosenburg, what did you want to see me about? I trust the experiment with our volunteer is going well." said Dr. Alvins
"Yes, Dr. Alvins, our volunteer has transitioned quite nicely. But..." Dr. Rosenburg hesitated.
"But what, doctor?"
"I've been running a few extra tests based on the chemical we've used to make male to female metamorphosis and... Well, I think we should stop the experiment."
"What!? How can you say such a thing? There has been too much time put into this experiment, let alone the research of it all!"
"I understand that, Dr. Alvins, but you should take a look at this."
"What is it?"
"It's a virtual simulation of what our volunteer's appearance will after the next few treatments."
"I see, go on."
"Right now this is what our volunteer looks like. A very busty and curvy woman, but she does not have the mannerisms or thought patterns of a woman yet."
"Yes, that is why the experiment must continue!"
"But look at this."

Dr. Rosenburg pressed a key on his computer's keyboard. The two scientists watched the virtual model of their volunteer as it's breasts expanded to comical proportions. Dr. Alvins stood in shock.

"As you can see, doctor," explained Dr. Rosenburg, "If the treatments continue the bust of our volunteer will increase to an unpredictable size. I know the size will increase with each treatment, but I cannot tell if her bust will continue to increase afterwards."
"My god."
"So now you see. We have no choice."
"Very well... I'll take care of things."

Dr. Rosenburg went back to going over his facts on his computer unaware of Dr. Alvins actions. Dr. Alvins hit Dr. Rosenburg over the head and readied a syringe and injected it into Dr. Rosenburg. Dr. Alvins watched Dr. Rosenburg drop to the floor, unable to move or speak.

"Well, Dr. Rosenburg, it seems we have another volunteer for the experiment. I've put too much time into researching this gender changing chemical and I'm not going to let it end like this. So what if you and your new friend will be gigantic breasted women who might be unable to walk? Do not worry though, I will see to it that you are both taken good care of."


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Monday, December 13, 2010

Always Remember Instructions

Wow, like, that potion totally worked! Now what was I warned about again? Oh, like, ohmygawd! I didn't mix in the potion with any other liquid and now I'm totally a stupid bimbo! Oh well. It's not like I was smart or anything before, right? Like, I don't remember ever being smarter or nothing. Who needs to be inte...intelli...intelligental anyway? I have big boobies! Oh, it, like, feels so good shaking them! I wonder if I forgot any other of the potion's ins...instruc...instrucments? Ohmygawd! My boobies grew! Oh yeah, I, like, wasn't supposed to jiggle my boobies around too much for... Oh what's that number with the three and zero? Oh yeah! I wasn't supposed to, like, jiggle my boobies for birdie mintues or else they would grow. Ooohhh, but they feel so good. I want bigger boobies, like totally! Birdie minutes isn't too long, right? This should only take a few seconds, so I'll just keep shaking them until they stop growing! Heehee!


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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Slut Popsicle

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

New Clothing

Today is my first day at the office as a woman. I guess this is what I get for harrassing my female coworkers. Not only did the CEO have me turned into a woman, but I'm now working as a secretary. All I need to get on is the skirt. Wow, this thing really hugs my butt.


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A Night on the Couch

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Looking Beautiful

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Really Big Surprise

This caption really turned out longer than I had intended so I hope it isn't too wordy or anything like that.

On another topic now, if anyone has looked through the comments you may have noticed that I seem to express my gratitude toward almost all of them. I realize I am being repetitive like this and also taking up the comment space. So from now on I will mention that any comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated with every caption or story posted. I feel like I have to say this in case no one thinks I am ignoring them when they comment since I've made a habbit out of commenting after a lot. Although I will respond if necessary or if I feel like mentioning something. Sorry if I sound odd, it's just the way I am feeling about this.

Anyway, enjoy the new caption.

Sunday, December 5, 2010