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TG Water Scientst's Journal Entry

Journal Entry #146: The government officials in charge of this gender warfare experiment requested the TG Water undergo more testing to make sure the chemical is perfected before being used in the battlefield. Video of the current subject shows that some of the last few kinks in the formula have been fixed, but the subject has become obsessed with rubbing as much of the water as she can onto her breasts in an attempt to make them bigger. Also, her clothing disappeared this time instead of alternating to her new form. These are only minor flaws, but the officials still want the formula to be perfect.

What they fail to understand is that every batch has its flaws. This version along with the previous have been the best developed so far. We were told to be careful about the TG Water getting into any public water supply. I may just take all the containers of TG Water my colleagues and I have worked on for so many years and do just that. I've grown tired of the labor for so long. I'll take the data I have now and make another version of the TG Water by combining the recent two. After I tamper with the waterlines here, I shall spread the TG Water in other places after I make more in secret locations. I have surely lost my mind, but this is the only revenge I can muster after all these years.

End of journal entry.

What Was Once a Fantasy, Was Now a Reality

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Feel So Good I Could Dance

"Yeah, you miss these? I bet you do, you little bitch. I want to dance I feel so good."

Tim continued to dance in Bianca's body as he explained the situation.

"You see Bianca, I never liked how much of a bitch you were. There have been a lot of other people you know, who I won't name, that have gotten sick of you as well. So I volunteered myself to switch bodies with you. You don't need to know how. All you need to know is that I'll be a much nicer you than you ever could be. As for you, you can do whatever you want with my old body. There's no way to switch back. I'm sure I can adjust to your life. I know you can adjust to my life too...as soon as you're untied from that chair. You seem a little angry at the moment. So I'll just keep dancing until you calm down."

Bianca in Tim's body yelled in frustration.

You Won't Regret It

Friday, November 26, 2010

Story: No More Running

Run. That's all that was going through Bruce's head. He needed to just get out of there. It was too much for him. He was having second thoughts about getting married. Bruce was supposed to be wed to Charlotte Ridge, a beautiful woman he had met five years ago. They had fallen deeply in love and he eventually proposed to her. It was the happiest moment in their lives at the time. Now Bruce wasn't so sure. He had managed to sneak out unnoticed and got to the front of the chapel. He quickly passed by a fountain surrounded by flower beds when a little creature noticed him and popped its head out of the flowers. This creature was known as the Love Fairy. She was small little fairy that appeared to be cute for human standards but an absoulute beauty for fairy standards.

Holding her wand she flew out of the bed of flowers and in front of the fleeing Bruce. Bruce stopped dead in his tracks, surprised by the appearance of tiny little woman with wings in front of him. Not only did Bruce not want to get married anymore, but now he was sure he was losing his mind. Then the tiny woman spoke.

"In all the years I've wondered from place to place feeling the presence of love I have never seen someone as despicable as you, Bruce Morrington!" she said in a high squeaky voice.
"What the hell are you!? How do you know my name!?" demanded Bruce, questioning his sanity.
"Sure, I've felt the pressence someone running out on a wedding before, but to actually be in the area and actually see it happen makes me so angry!" she rambled on.
"Uh..." Bruce trailed off, feeling sure he had gone insane.
"I am the Love Fairy." she said finally.
"Love Fairy?" questioned Bruce.
"Yes! And I'm not letting a moment of love be ruined. Not when I'm around anyway..."
"Uh, sure. Look lady, real or not, I'm not listening to you. I'm just going to be on my way and hopefully you'll disappear from my subconscious guilt after I've had therapy. Bye!"

Before Bruce could walk forward he was stopped by the Love Fairy's wand, which was now glowing in a small bright pink light. Bruce was forced to step back toward the flower bed surrounding the fountain. The wand drew closer to his face as he leaned back his head in fear.

"You make me sick," said the angered Love Fairy in a not so high voice, "I know you won't listen to reason, so I'll have to take some drastic measures in order to make sure love doesn't die in my pressence today."

The Love Fairy tapped Bruce on the nose with her wand. Rubbing his nose for a second or two, Bruce then went to holding his head. His tuxedo began to shift around and change material and color. He could feel his body lose mass and thin down. As soon as he felt wispy and thin, his hips and butt expanded. He felt a heft in his chest as two bumps began to grow. A sudden sting hit him in the crotch. An invisible brush felt like it was moving across his face. Hair grew and covered his vision and began to move on its own to form a bun. He felt his heels being pushed up as his shoes shapeshifted and became lighter. What was Bruce's tuxedo was now a solid connected piece of silk clothing in a gray color that continued to grow whiter. It losts it sleeves and draped over his feet. The material began to wrap around Bruce until it revealed his new figure. His breasts now fully grown, his large cleavage fully displayed. Pearls appeared on him in the form of a necklace, a bracelet, and earrings. A group of red roses suddenly grew in the flower bed next to him and popped out of the dirt into a bouquet. Before he could speak in his new voice a transparent white veil dropped over his head. Bruce was now a beautiful woman in a revealing wedding dress.

"What," she stopped, surprised by her voice, "What have you done to me?"
"Maybe you should down, darling. But be sure not to ruin your dress." said the Love Fairy with her squeaky voice returned.

The new bride felt compelled to obey the fairy. The former Bruce knew she was not going insane. This was too real. She sat down on the stone of the flower bed, laced her hands on her lap, and crossed her ankles. Her legs were revealed, long and smooth with sparkling silver five inch heels on her feet. She wondered how much shorter she was now.

"I had to work quite a bit of my magic," started the Love Fairy, "In this reality there will be undying love. You are now known as Jessica Morrington and you are about to marry Charles Ridge. You were about to run away, but you decided that would ruin this perfect day and are now on your way back to the chapel fully ready to walk down the aisle as the organ plays."

Jessica didn't know what to think or feel. She knew it was her weddng day, she knew she should be happy. Why wouldn't she be? She's dreamed of this day for years. Why would she ruin this day? So many thought were running through her head. She lifted her veil and smiled. She did want to get married.

Picking up her bouquet, Jessica stood up and was lead by the Love Fairy back to the entrance of the chapel, her heels clacking all the way. The Love Fairy stopped and let Jessica walk ahead of her. Jessica stopped and turned to look at the fairy. What was happening? That fairy had turned her into a woman and now she was acting against her will. She didn't want to do this! She wasn't sure she was willing to commit to something like this.

"I see you are still havinng second thoughts. I told you I will not allow love to die when I am around!" yelled the Love Fairy, waving her wand at Jessica.

Jessica's eyes grew wide. Her mind was filled with new strange thoughts. What was she doing? She couldn't believe she was about to make herself into a runaway bride. She was letting the jitters get the best of her. Not anymore she wouldn't. She knew she could do this. She wanted to be married on this day. She smiled and flipped up her skirt in joy, revealing her sexy legs.

"Oh thank you, Love Fairy! I don't know what came over me. I love Charles too much to ruin this day for anyone. How can I ever thank you?" said Jessica.
"You have no need to thank me, darling. It is the reason I exist. Now enjoy your wedding...and your honeymoon." said the Love Fairy, disappearing into pink dust.

Jessica smoothed out her wedding dress and prepared to enter the hall.

"Here comes the bride." she smiled as an organ began to play.

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Caption Update

The Poker Change caption has been edited. I replaced the black text with white text and I think it looks a lot better than it did before. I also fixed any spelling errors and added rephrased sentences. This lead to the paragraphes being rearranged.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Colored Background Captions

Seeing as how the words in my last caption were so blurry and eye straining, I'm thinking I should stop that or at least make the text a light color when the background is a dark color like what was done with most of the text in Against Their Wishes. I'm also thinking I should redo the Poker Change caption.

Comment and let me know what you think.

Or you can just make a vote. On this post click "Good" if you think I should leave the caption the way it is or "Bad" if you think I should change the color(s).

Poker Change

I realize I didn't involve anything with the poker chips in this caption, but maybe that can be expanded upon in another caption involving poker related transformations.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Against Their Wishes

I decided to make this one look different. I felt like experimenting.

edit: I think I should mention that I thought the woman in yellow was holding a cell phone. Whoops!

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Girl Powder

Not sure where I found this image originally, but it was begging to be captioned.

Magic in the Park

My creativity ran loose on this one in terms of the cause of the transformation. I thought of other methods and came up with the one I went with in the caption.  Feel free to let me know what you think.

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Rip Open

"It worked! The possession spell worked! I'm in Miranda's sexy body! I just have to see her tits!"

Phil ripped open the shirt Miranda had been wearing to reveal her large jiggling breasts supported by a blue bra. He began to squeeze them vigorously.  Once Phil left her body though, Miranda would be confused as to why her shirt was ripped open.

A Letter

I decided to try something a little different with this one.

Changing Room Urge

This one turned out longer than I originally thought so I hope it's alright.

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Story: Struggle to Exist


Anyone who was up to date with the rich and successful would know who Janice Golding was. Born into the prestige Golding family, she grew up never having to worry about any finacial problems or never going without any expensive item. She was highly intelligent and became quite the beauty. However, Janice was never the type of woman to work for what she believed she deserved. She had a different way of geting through her already luxerious life. At one point or another, Janice had come across a priceless book of spells and magic. How she came into possession of the book is hard to say, but she used it to her advantage.

When Janice married, she only cared for her spouse's fortune. After allowing time to pass, Janice used the book of spells and magic to force her husband, Ronald, into a very unfortuneate traffic accident. After showing her grief and sorrow at the funeral, she had inherited Ronald's fortune thanks to his will, but due to Janice's spell casting. Some years later, Janice would marry again. After her killing off her fourth husband in another "natural" accident and gaining his fortune, Janice was soon to encounter a great misfortune she deserved after ten years of senseless marital murders.

One night a trio of expert thieves had agreed to pull off the heist of the mansion of Janice Golding. Sneaking past the many security systems and guards, the thieves succeeded in stealing from her riches. However, one of the thieves also had interest an in the beatiful Janice Golding herself. The lone thief snuck into her bedroom with thoughts of raping her. Her amazing body revealed by skimpy black lingerie. But she was awakened before the thief could do anything to her. In a struggle to keep her quiet, the thief ended up stabbing her in the gut with a knife.

As the murderer thief rejoined his companions, Janice crawled over to the book of spells and magic. She searched through the pages to find someway to save her life, but found nothing she needed. With her last breath she casted a curse on her mansion with the intent of someday returning to the world of living.

As time passed, the mansion of Janice Golding was put up for sale since her family could not bare to have anyone from their family live where Janice did for the pain was too much for them. When everything was removed from the mansion the book of spells and magic disappeared, its current location now unknown.

Five Years Later:

Nate Delford was ecstatic. Not only was he the lucky bastard that won the State Lottery four times in a row, but he had just purchased the ludicrously expensive famous mansion of the late Janice Golding. Nate couldn't wait to throw some parties at this place. He wondered what he could do with all its fifty-six rooms. After a month of partying with friends and settling in with the mansion, Nate decided to calm down a bit and explore the rooms he hadn't yet. Walking through the halls and rooms, Nate wondered what he would do with his life and his fortune. He had quit his job after winning the lottery a second time and began to donate to eleven charities after the third time. Now here he was winning the lottery a fourth time with enough money to never have any worries. As long as he didn't throw away his money on expensive cars or boats or anything like that.

The next room Nate entered was one he had been in already. He had been told this was once the bedroom of Janice Golding. Nate shuddered at the thought of someone having died in this room. It made him wonder why he thought to purchase the mansion of its deceased owner. As Nate turned to leave the room, he heard something move behind him with a loud heavy swoosh. He turned around to see nothing. Feeling sppoked, Nate quickly left the room.

Continuing his exploration of the mansion, Nate found his way into a very nice bathroom. It wasn't as big as the other ten, but it was still very nice with its clean appearance. Looking in the mirror, Nate got goosebumps as her heard that swooshing noise again. Before he could leave the room, a heavy force hit his body causing him to drop to the floor. His body was overcome by great waves of heat from head to toe. Closing his eyes, he could barely breath as he cried out in agony. Nate could feel something happening to his clothes as he felt his body contort, shrink, and expand. Nothing felt right within his body either. He wanted this pain to end. He wondered what was happening to him.

Eventually the pain stopped and Nate opened his eyes, leaving the darkness and adjusting to the brightness of the bathroom. He was feeling numb in parts of his body and his vision was partly blurry. He felt odd as he stood up, his shoes felt like they were pushing up on his heels. Putting his arms on the bathroom counter, he noticed his arm looked much thinner. He saw that he had some kind of bracelet around his left wrist and his finger nails seemed to be painted with red nail polish. Something was also sticking out from his chest into his vision and long strands of hair were also in his vision. Looking up into the mirror, his vision was no longer blurred, allowing him to become shocked by what he saw.

"What..." he stopped talking upon hearing his new voice.

From what Nate could see, his body was now that of a beautiful and busty woman in skimpy black lingerie! He couldn't believe what his reflection showed him. He could only stare at himself standing in one place speechless. When he did move, he placed his hands on his two large new assests.

He squeezed the large breats on his chest. They were real! All of what he saw was real! He continued to examine this female body he now had. The breasts, the vagina, the round ass, the wide hips, the longs legs, the long hair, and the beautiful face. It was all Nate, the woman in the mirror was him. He continued to stare at his reflection, his face in shock and awe. To his confusion though, the expression of his face in the mirror was now different from the one he was making. It was sinister looking.

"Hello, gorgeous." said his reflection as if it were another person standing there.

Nate yelled out in his feminine voice and jumped in surprise, almost causing him to lose balance on the three inch heels on his feet. Nate looked in horror at the mirror as his "reflection" gained a sinister grin. The mirror woman just stared at Nate until finally speaking.

"So you were the new owner I had sensed. Do think you can just have my mansion? I don't think so." she said with a tone of hatred.
"W-w-w-who are you? What's h-h-happening?" said Nate, shaken at "his reflection" talking and that he had a woman's voice.
"You don't know? I'm Janice Golding. And you are the key to me living again!"
"When I died I placed a curse on this mansion. Whoever would be its next resident would the one I would use in order to exist again. And I must say, you are like a destined choice."
"W-what do you m-m-mean?"
"Will you stop that stuttering! You're making my body look so stupid and sound so low-class!

Nate was too stunned and horrified to say much else.

"The reason I say you are like a destined choice for my renewed existence is because your four lottery winnings are just like the four fortunes I obtained from killing my husbands. It's amazing how fate works sometimes!" she said with a laugh.
"You're sick!" said Nate, his feeling of horror and disgust beyond description.
"Oh shut up. Now give me control of yourself. Once I am in control of you, you will have ceased to ever exist in the first place and I will live as though I never died. I shall live again!"

Nate closed his eyes and grabbed his head in pain, his thoughts were becoming disoriented. His feelings shifting back and forth from his fearful thoughts to her greedy thoughts. His happy and generous memories to her cruel and selfish memories. The curse began to affect reality as well. Slowly things changed as if Janice Golding was never murdered and that there never existed a person named Nate Delford. Leaning on the bathroom counter, the woman opened her eyes and stood up straight. She smiled and posed for the mirror.

"Oh, it's so good to be back. I thought I'd never live again. That magic book may be gone, but I'm sure I'll find some more ways to get some more lovely money. Thanks for your existence, Nate."

Before the revived Janice golding could leave the bathroom, she grabbed her head in pain and then put her arm up to lean against the door's archway, yelling in pain.

"What is happening!?" she yelled.

"You're not killing me, bitch!" said the Nate persona of the body of Janice.
"What is happening!? How are you doing this!?" said the Janice persona.
"I'm not letting you wipe me out of ever existing!"
"Leave, you pest!"
"Fuck you! There's no way I can let you go on living so you can continue where you left off."
"How dare you!"

The body of Janice dropped to the bathroom floor, the two lives fighting over who would have control. Thoughts, memories, and realites began to mix in a form of chaos. One moment Janice existed, another moment Nate existed.

"Stop! Stop it I say! I'm Janice Golding damn it! You can't do this to me!" she said, trying her hardest to stay in control.
"I...won't...let you get....your way!" said Nate.
"No... Stop! Stop! I will...get...what...I...want..." said Janice before disappearing with a fading scream.

The woman fell forward on her hands. After taking a few deep breaths, she pulled herself up between the counter and the tub. She looked down at her body, her generous breasts rising and falling with each breath.

The woman stood up and looked at herself in the mirror with a cautious look in her eyes. Was it over? Was she herself she wondered. She felt her face with her hand, this body was still real. She was interrupted when there was a knock at the bathroom door. There shouldn't of been anyone else in the mansion. Not taking her eyes off the mirror, she leaned against the door and asked who it was.

"Who is it?" she asked.
"Ah, there you are madam. It is Pensworth, your butler. Are you alright Ms. Delding? I heard some thrashing about in there. Should I come in?"
"Uh...no. I'm....in my lingerie."
"Forgive me, miss. Shall I fetch you a robe?"
"Uh...yes, please. Thank you."
"Right away, Ms. Delding."

The woman listened through the door as the foot steps eventually vanished. What was that all about she wondered. Was she this Ms. Delding? What reality was this supposed to be? The reality of Nate Delford or the reality of Janice Golding? The whole fight between the two lives earlier had ended up mixing realites in an amazing way. The horrible deeds of Janice Golding and Janice Golding herself ceased to exist in this reality. The woman, looking at herself in the mirror, knew what happened now.

She was now Laura Delding, the result of the combined realites of Janice Golding and Nate Delford. The families of Golding and Delford had never existed alone. Instead, they were now the wealthy and giving Delding family. Laura herself was the result of the body of Janice and the mind of Nate. The evetnts of their lives had mixed together in a strange way as well. Laura was very wealthy like Janice, but never married. Like Nate though, she was lucky to win the State Lottery four times in a row. But since she was already very rich, she had donated all of her lottery winnings to multiple charities. Since only Nate existed in Laura's mind, she was not greedy or evil. She also had Nate's attraction to women.

The curse casted by Janice in an attempt to take over the existence of another person was met with conflict when Nate struggled to fight for his right to exist. This is what ended up bending two realities and forcing them together. Laura could remember her life as Nate Delford though. Somehow she could remember. How she could was of little importance to her. Laura was glad Janice was gone and that she was alive. Laura looked at herself in the mirror again and cupped her large breasts.

"I have to be the luckiest bitch in existence." she thought to herself.

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New Hooters Waitress

Looks like I updated sooner than I thought. This one ended up becoming a bit long.

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Concerning updates and other things.

Seeing as how I have gotten a few followers on this blog now, I thought should mention a few things. As far as updating this blog is concerned that usually comes when I get some inspiration and also when I'm able to get around to making captions or a story. That could be days, weeks, or even hours from now.

One last thing I wanted to bring up is that the layout I have the blog in right now only allowed for two ratings on each posts. I originally had five, but when I edited things only two would show up on the blog. So I would like to ask if the "good" and "bad" ratings are good enough or should I add more to give more judgemental choice?