Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another request and question from Formspring.

can you creat a caption which is army related and with a guy named barak?

I don't know. I'd need to find an appropriate image to use. I'll see what I can do.

Hi I was wondering if you knew the model's name on your banner, thanks.

That is the lovely Denise Milani. The hottest woman I've ever seen on the internet.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Request Caption for Vengeance1701: Where Trophies Are Made

A really long request caption for the user Vengeance1701 at The reason why it is so long is because I was asked to do something over a span of time and in caption form. It's not exactly how it was asked to be but I tried. Seeing how long this took to do, I'm not sure if I'll do something like this again. I selected pictures to use, got rid of some, and tried to write what I could with the ones I kept and present it as best as I was able. The last five parts can be considered an epilogue. It's a little different than usual, but here is what I was able to do.


Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Request Caption: To Change the Past Is To Change Your Future

This is for the person that wanted a caption with gender change due to time travel. It was actually very hard to find a good picture for a time travel caption. Once I decided on the one I chose, I had to write something that would fit with it. Enjoy the result.

Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Request Caption: Cursed to New Roles" with a small update and Formspring request.

I want to quickly mention that within the month of May alone I have aquired over 100,000 pageviews. Thanks again to everyone for viewing my blog. At this point I am almost at 500,000 and I will be sure to make a caption for when that happens. Right now though I have another Formspring request and a request caption for the person who wanted a mother/son caption.


Hey sp2000 do you think you could do some time travel captions where he changes the past and come back to find out he was born a girl?

I've actually been thinking about doing one of those.


Now here is the mother/son caption.

Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Formspring question and request as well as small update.

Before I get to the Formspring questions I want to mention quickly that I'm still having a bad case of writer's block with Vegeance1701's request multiple part caption, which is about halfway done and I am attempting to write the next part of jwargod's request story Best Friends Forever.

Onto the Formspring questions. When not a request, I try to answer questions as best as I can based on what the question is.


Can I change?

Change how you act as a person? Maybe, based on the kind of person you are. Change as in transforming your body? Only if fiction can become real.

Can you do a Mother/Son caption/story? p.s love your work i love the length and descriptive stories of the captions.

Thanks for the compliments on my writing. I can try to do a mother/son caption. I haven't done one in a while.


If I get these requests done fast enough maybe I can work on some other stuff I've been meaning to do.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Request Caption: Brought Into the Traveling Group

This is for who requested a forced bellydancer caption. I wrote it as best I could based on what I had to work with in the image.

Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.

Request Caption: Fame, Riches, and Beauty Taken Into Possession

For the person who asked for a possession caption through Formspring.

Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Request Caption for Alectra: Clothes for Those That Want to be Dominant

While working on Vengeance1701's long request I got a case of writer's block and decided to focus on another request. This one is for Alectra. I made it based on what the request asked and from other preferences of Alectra's.

I wrote what I could think of and I hope it is acceptable.

Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Over 100 Blog Followers

I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has followed my blog and thanks to everyone who has enjoyed my captions and stories. Here's a quick caption before I continue work on more requests.

Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Request Story for jwargod: Best Friends Forever Part 3

This story might turn out longer than I originally thought. As I mentioned before, I had to repost this due to Blogger having technical problems. Luckily I only had to rewrite the ending to this part. So if you read this continuation before it was taken down and notice any diferences in the last few paragraphs you'll know why. I'll be sure to have the next part of this up as soon as possible.


Despite her judgement, Miho had little to no choice but to wear the clothes Hanna had bought for her. As she dressed Miho could hear Hanna humming outside her bedroom door. Hanna's bimbo mind lead Miho to start thinking she was the only one concerned with their situation, but Hanna did seem to want to change back as much as she wanted to. Miho put her thoughts aside for now and continued to get herself dressed. It had been a real hassle to get her underwear on. It took her a while to clasp all the hooks of her white J-cup bra and she had taken a good five minutes to get the white thong on since her breasts got in the way there as well. She was just glad some stress was taken off her back thanks to the bra lifting her giant breasts.  Miho looked over the clothes Hanna had bought for her.

"Why Hanna buy such srutty crothes? Werl, here go nothing."

Miho tried her best to slip on the clothes.

"Ooo. Eeek! Ah! Maybe if I.... Oof! Okay, now how about...Mmmff... Armost... Just a bit more... Ahh, finalry."

It hadn't been easy, but after thirty-two minutes Miho was able to dress her very busty body. As the door to Miho's room opened, Hanna stopped admiring her nails to see the result. Miho wore a large red spagetti string tanktop that was still skin tight thanks to her bust, black denim cutoffs covered her lower body down to her thighs, tan pantyhose covered the rest of her legs, and black leather boots with a five inch heel covered her feet up to her knees.

"Wow! Looking sexy, Miho." Hanna said.
"Why you not buy something better for me?" asked Miho.
"Well I tried my best, I really did. I couldn't help but, like, buy sexy things."
"Rets just get going."
"Hold on! I totally have to do your makeup and brush your jair, you know?"
"I fine rike this, Hanna."
"Sorry I can't help myself. Just sit down for a moment."

Miho sighed and sat down on a chair. There Hanna applied some lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow she had bought. She then brushed out Miho's hair and put it in a long ponytail. When Hanna handed Miho a hand mirror so she could see herself she let out a gasp. Her eyelashes were extended out and dark eyeshadow covered her eyelids. Miho looked at her pouty lips now colored a deep red almost matching the color of her tanktop. She could see her long ponytail extend down her back. Miho had to admit she looked really sexually appealing, but she had to let Hanna know what she really thought.

"What do you think?" asked Hanna.
"Oh my God, Hanna, I rook rike whore!"
"I think you look totally hot!"
"Can we prease just go now?" Miho asked, wanting this experience to end.
"Okay okay, don't, like, get your panties in a bunch." Hanna said, though Miho was reminded she was wearing a thong.

Neither of the two women had really noticed how well they had been walking in their heeled shoes as they walked out the apartment door. Miho didn't bother to say anything until she stumbled, almost falling over.

"Why you buy boots with such high heers?" Miho asked while still following Hanna to the car.
"Well I wanted you to, like, almost be as tall as me, you know?"
"What you mean?"
"Uh, hellooo? You, like, never noticed you got shorter?"
"What?" Miho said, stopping in her tracks.

Hanna was right. Now that she wasn't distracted by any kind of panic or anything, Miho was able to notice that even with the five inch heeled boots on, her eye level only reached up to Hanna's shoulders. Miho wondered if she was shorter than five feet now. Hanna broke Miho's train of thought as she told her to hurry up and get in the car. Hanna was easily able to slide into the driver seat, but Miho had difficulty trying to sit down comfortably. When she was able to get in alright, her breasts were nearly touching the dashboard of the car. The two women drove through the streets of Vegas until they finally arrived at the Pole Swingers strip club.

It was still the afternoon, so the club still wasn't as crowded as it would be by nightfall. The entire time Hanna and Miho walked up to the building they had been grabbing the attention of every man who could see them. When they entered they looked around and saw no sign of the strippers Krystal and Emma.

"Maybe we shourd ask someone about..." Miho tried to suggest, but was cut off by Hanna.
"Oooo, Miho, look!" Hanna was pointing at a flier, "Tonight is amateur night!"
"Oh, Hanna, what you thinking?"
"It says the prize is two thousand dollars. We can, like, use that to pay off our rent!"
"Hanna, we here to try to change back though."
"I know, but we can, like, totally use these bodies to try and win big!"
"Nuh uh, I not go on any stage."
"Miho, don't be like that."
"Rook, you stay here whire I ask about those two strippers."

Miho left Hanna by herself and approached the bar. She addressed the bartender who turned around and went wide eyed at the sight of Miho.

"Are you here for amatuer night?" the bartender asked, not blinking.
"No," she responded annoyed, "I rooking for two strippers. You know Krystal and Emma?"
"Sorry baby, but those two decided they didn't need to strip anymore and left town."
"Oh no!"
"Sorry, but if you're going to sign up for amatuer night you should do it now. It'll start soon." he said never breaking his glance from Miho's breasts and forgetting she had denied earlier.
"I said I not doing that."
"So are those...real?"
"Uhh!" she yelled in frustration.

Miho walked away from the bar and tried to find Hanna, but she was no longer where she once was. Miho was already in distress about losing the opportunity to change back to her old self and now Hanna was missing. Miho found out that she wouldn't have to look for Hanna for very long. The voice of the strip club's DJ boomed over the speakers.

"Okay everyone, it is currently five o'clock, time to kick off amatuer night! We've mixed up the names of our contestants from the sign up sheet, so who will go first from all the lovely ladies from backstage? Remember, anything goes here at Pole Swingers, so don't be shy to show it all. First up is a buxom blonde I got a chance to see earlier. She signed up just in time to compete for the two thousand dollar prize. Give it up for Hanna!"

A number of men cheered as Miho saw Hanna walk onto the stage from behind the curtain as music began to play. Miho dropped her mouth in shock as she watched Hanna wrap her thighs around the pole on stage and spin herself around. She placed her left hand on the pole and lift her right leg up against it until they were perfectly side by side. She spun herself around with great ease. Miho wondered if she had done this before. Hanna placed her her ass against the pole as she slid off her denim mini skirt, revealing her pink thong. She gave a big smile as she grabbed the strings and pulled up the thong to reveal more camel toe. She slapped her ass hard and spun around on the pole again, three consecutive spins before touching the floor again. The crowd was hollaring and whistling like mad. Hanna now held herself upside down on the pole and bent her legs in every direction. Chants of "take it off" and to Miho's surprise, Hanna had actually thrown off her pink halter top, her big fake breasts fully exposed as she spun around again. With that, her time had finished after an amazing five minutes.

"Wow," the DJ spoke again, "I can't believe she's never done this before! Looks like the rest of the contestants have a lot to compete with already. Lets hear it for Hanna!"

The club filled with cheers as Hanna picked up her clothes and walked off the stage behind the curtain, giggling. Miho was still shocked as Hanna approached her, fully clothed again.

"Oh my gawd! That was so much fun! Did I do good? Tell me I did good."
"Hanna, what you doing!?"
"Trying to get our rent money, duh."
"Do you even know what situation we in!?" Miho said, starting to get angry.
"Hey, like, what's wrong?" Hanna asked, honestly confused like the bimbo she was.
"Nothing. I want to go home."
"But I need to stay and see if I won."
"Fine! Then I wark."

Miho stormed out of the strip club as fast as she could. Hanna made no attempt to stop her as she stayed and awaited the results while gaining attention from some newfound fans. Miho was furious. Not only did it appear that she and Hanna were going to be stuck as they were,  Hanna did not seem to mind their current position. As Miho continued to walk away from the strip club, she became aware of the bouncing on her chest. Not wanting to gain any attention, she decided to walk down side streets and alleyways. The whole time she walked she could hear the clicking and clacking of her boots.

She couldn't believe the way Hanna was able to dance. Miho thought she might have even been better than any other stripper she had seen before. Hanna had moved so gracefully, Miho couldn't get the image out of her head. She began to feel a recent familiar sensation. She was getting turned on by the thought of Hanna's poledancing, she was getting horny again. Walking out of another alley, Miho saw the sun would be going down soon. Miho jumped as a passing car came to stop, bumping into some trash cans. Miho looked at the driver and saw a white man through the windshield staring at her with his mouth gaping. He rolled down his passenger door window and spoke to her.

"Wow, I knew this would be the right part of town but I never expected to see anyone like you."
"What you want?" Miho asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Well, how much do you usually charge for you services?"

Miho's eyes went wide. The man thought she was a prostitute. This was the last thing she needed. Miho was already aroused from remembering Hanna's dancing and now the thought of something beside her hand entering her vagina was making her hornier.

"Look," the man said, interrupting Miho's thoughts, "I only have four hundred dollars. What can I get for that?"

Miho bit her lip. As much as she wanted to run away she couldn't help what she was feeling, she couldn't resist the temptation.

"I give you anything! Take me now!"


Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.

Two Formspring answers, but first something about when asking for requests.

There's something I want to mention about requests really quick. As you know I have two kinds of things I post on my blog. Captions and stories. When asking of requests, please be specific. Especially if your question/request is brief. If you do request I write a story, like jwargod has, keep in mind of the content you ask for. If it is something I'm not familiar with I won't be able to make something indepth and it may end up as a caption. Now that I have gotten this out of the way, lets move on to the Formspring answers.


can I place a request here if so - can you do a forced belldancer transformation story

I assume you mean bellydancer? Not sure about a story, but a caption is possible.

Any chance you'll make more quizzes? I love the one you have up.

Thanks, you're the first to say something about it. I've thought about making another but I don't know what of.


One more thing. Since Blogger hasn't appeared to restore what was lost since it had problems I will try to take time to rewrite the ending of part three of "Best Friends Forever." After that is another request I will try to plan out. That one will take awhile.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger problems causes me to rewrite amongst other problems.

As you may or may not know, Blogger was down for maintence and during this anything posted since May 11th past 7:30pm had to be removed. That is why the third part of the request story for jwargod "Best Friends Forever" is no longer here. I still have it saved in draft form where I can edit my posts, but the save function last saved it when it last saved. Which was before the last few ending paragraphs and dialogue. If this isn't fixed I'll have to rewrite it from memory.

Another problem is that other posts on the blog have lost ratings and gained more than they had. I hope this gets sorted out as well.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Request Caption: A Bride You Shall Be" and a quick Formspring question answered.

what's your name in the haven?



This caption is for the person who just mentioned "bride" in a Formspring question. This has a sader tone to it than some recent captions. I tried to write it as best as I could to tell this one without making it too long.

Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Answered Formspring question and things about requests, etc.

Hey sp2000. Good job so far with your captions! I think they're really great and I hope you keep it up! Anyways, when you get a second, could you please make another Possession-tagged caption? Thank you!

I could do a possession caption.


Now that that has been answered, there is a few things I'd like to mention. First off, I would like to thank all of those who have enjoyed my captions and further thank all the people who have contacted me in some form expressing how much they have enjoyed my captions. I never thought my writing would be liked so much since I know there are others out there who have better captions than I do, but that's just me not giving myself enough credit. I certainly don't put the best design in my captions, but that is due to the lack of better editing software.

Moving on to the situation with requests. For those who have requested me to make a caption or story and noticed I haven't gotton around to making it yet, I am sorry for that. I still need to finish the current story for jwargod and the user Vengeance1701 from asked me to do something long before the other requests I have already done. I try my best to get a chance to work on these, but some just end up quicker to do than others. Plus I have other matters to deal with in my life. So if I take too long to make any requests, I am sorry. I also have some of my own things I need to write continuations to.

I don't want to discourage anyone from requesting me to make certain captions. The ones I've posted have turned out very well and I don't think I would have ever made them if I wasn't given the idea/inspiration for them. I think for now things need to slow down so I can work things out.

Once again, thank you all for enjoying my captions and stories.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Request Caption: When Punishments Go Wrong

Could you do some caps involving the transformed one wear pantyhose? I love those :)

Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.

Request Caption: The Lady in the Red Dress

This is for the preson who just mentioned "dress tg" in a Formspring question.

Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.

Answer to Formspring request

This one comes from MissAlectra.

Hey Sp2000 love your works, do you think you could try making a living clothes kind of story, if possible with latex or similar material in it?Thanks ^-^

I could give a try at this. I have a few images to gain inspiration from, but I was saving them for another story, but I'll see what I can do. I have a few other requests to do so forgive me if I take too long to think up something involving your request.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Request Caption: Website Story Contest

This is another request asked by the same anonymous person who requested the previous first person caption. Once again this is a caption that became longer than expected.

Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Request Caption: Bigger is Always Better?

Thank you for the "sudden memory" can you do some more first person or some magic website

Here is a first person caption. The title was the best I could come up with. I hope this turned out well. I think I could have done better.

Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.