Monday, July 25, 2011

Some other blogs you should visit.

Hey everyone, I'd like to take this time to advertise the blogs of a few others who make TG captions. If you haven't been to these yet, check them out now.

Alectra's Playgrounds

Alectra has many captions involving latex, domination, bimbofication, and a bunch of other stuff. Definitely worth a visit.

Stephanie Bolt's Caps

Stephanie has a great collection of bodysuit captions to take a look at. Great to visit, especially if you like redheads.

Argus' Backburner

Looking for captions where the end result of the transformee is a very naughty and/or slutty girl? Argus' Backburner is the place to go.

Hewy's Hovel

Want to see captions with busty women and sexual encounters? Hewy has got those alright.


That's all I will directly advertise for now. If you want to see all the other great TG caption blogs I recommend, check out the list of blogs I follow off on the left side of the page as you scroll down.


  1. Thanks for the plug Sp ^-^
    You are no longer a "bad person" such as you said
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. I feel as though I've inspired this XD Thanks for the plug dear :) :)