Sunday, October 9, 2011

One Year of sp2000's TG Captions

Knowing October was the month I decided to start this blog, I went to check what date I made my first post on. Apparently it was today. Good thing I checked, right?

Anyway, big thanks to everyone who has visited my blog throughout the year! I really did believe this blog would never become as popular as it has. I mainly started this blog with the idea of creating the kind of captions I liked while hoping others would like the captions I made as well. Within this one year I also found myself more involved in TG fiction by joining the former TF-Media website months before it would shut down. Now I've found myself on Rachel's Haven with a great community there.

Getting back to my blog though, I'm amazed it has gained so many views. At the moment I type this, the blog currently has 1,065,820 views. Over the months it has been like this:

October 2010 - 1,526 views
November 2010 - 37,586 views
December 2010 - 75,002 views
January 2011 - 63,658 views
February 2011 - 34,527 views
March 2011 - 45,151 views
April 2011 - 84,831 views
May 2011 - 127,964 views
June 2011 - 133,966 views
July 2011 - 146,888 views
August 2011 - 175,213 views
September 2011 - 110,878 views
October 2011 (as I type this) - 28,630 views

As I type this, here are the countries my pageviews have come from the most:

United States - 643,684 views
United Kingdom - 93,076 views
Germany - 65,661 views
Canada - 60,457 views
Australia - 27,083 views
Spain - 14,649 views
France - 11,257 views
Netherlands - 5,080 views
Poland - 3,275 views
Japan - 1,958 views

As of right now, these have been the top referring sites: - 71,910 - 56,778 - 29,591 - 26,994 - 24,472 - 23,020 - 15,085 - 9,196 - 6,807 - 3,557

Since I suddenly found out today was the one year milestone, I'll try to create a caption in celebration of it sometime soon hopefully.

As for right now, I must really say thank you to everyone once again. Thank you for dropping by and enjoying my captions. Thank you to everyone who has left ratings on my captions and who have been commenting on my captions. Thank you to everyone who decided to become a Follower of my blog. A really big thank you to everyone who has put a link somewhere that leads to this blog. Thank you all for making this blog more successful than I ever thought it would be.


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary!

    Your caps are fantastic and you deserve the huge success you've had! Keep up the good work!

  2. happy days loved your past work look forward to much more kisseessss ....meg

  3. Well, now you've got at least one more blog linking to you - mine (! Congratulations, as I do like you caps.