Friday, November 4, 2011

Excerpt from Documentation of Transformation

This was a caption I had uploaded with this image on back in August of 2010. I decided to put it on my blog since I haven't had any captions posted to animated gif images in a while. I also decided to rewrite certain sentences. This was also the first time I had thought of the idea of magic drugs being used for transformations.

Documented by Dr. Willaim Madwell
Entry #34
Subject #0001: Nathan Gartner
Days since experimental magical drug unsuspectedly administered to subject: 28

After almost a month the results I have hoped for have come to fruition. I am still amazed at how much science can do since the invention of real magic. I shall include this magic drug to the other successes I have created.

My first subject, Mr. Gartner, or should I say Ms. Gartner, has perfectly transitioned into new reality. Her job, family members, and home have remained intact. Her possessions and close friends have altered according to her new life. This includes her memories and the memories of others, namely her family, and leading to a big change in many people's realities. Must be weary with future subjects.

I am fortunate to have given myself a full dose of an advanced version of my magical barrier magic drug that I've kept hidden from the public. If I hadn't, I may have been caught up in my first subject's reality shift or even someone else's changed reality based on how they know Ms. Gartner.

After all the observations I have made on Ms. Gartner, I have included a brief video in this entry showing what the subject currently appears as. One noticable difference since my last two entries over the past eight days is that her breast size has increased from a B cup, to a C cup, and finally what appears to be a D cup. The subject is shown wearing a tight fitting white blouse, gray knee length skirt, and three inch black pumps. The result greatly shows off her very attractive figure while still looking very professional. Much better than the pants suits she was wearing around Day 9 to Day 17.

As she exits the store she can be seen holding a binder with many important documents while in her other hand she is, from what I can assume, texting to her coworkers back at her office. A multigrain bar can be seen being held in her mouth. Eating habits appear to have changed further along with eating salads at lunch now.

The subject has also gone through her last possible name change. She has gone from Nathan, to Nat, to Natalie, to Nina, and now finally to Emily. Her full name now being Emily Pamela Gartner. The sudden name change may be a minor flaw in the drug. Could possibly lead to alterations in the creation of the drug leading to varying altered realites besides a subject's name constantly changing. Must research further and test on future subjects.

In two days I shall check on the last of Ms. Gartner's transformation. In the meantime, I shall keep this gender/reality magic drug a secret.

End of entry.


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