Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This blog is still here.

I tried to log in and Google informed me that there was unknown activity on my account so I was forced to give my cell phone number for verification. Normally I'm able to skip this process but I wasn't allowed to this time. Hopefully this won't happen again.

As for future captions, I may be slow to make more as I have started my next college semester already.


  1. Glad to see you're not gone, I assume you've changed your password so this is a little less likely to happen again.

  2. Hey, sweetie! Sorry for not stopping by more often, I'm just a slow reader, and there's sooo much fun stuff to try and keep abreast of/with :-) !!

    I can relate to such access issues as you've had but, honestly, I'd really try to avoid using my cell phone as a means of verity / access, (just my disinclination to be contacted directly by any elements representing "large male sibling". Some may call that "pair o' 'noid(s)", and I have nothing, thus, nothing to lose). Just sayin'

    Anyhow, here's hoping you do well with school, and I'm sure you will, dear, as you are surely in a class by yourself!!!

    Peace! OXOXO

  3. Glad to see you're still about, I had that happen to my blog once.

  4. Happy that everything seems to have worked out okay for you & your blog. :-)