Thursday, October 9, 2014

Four Years of sp2000's TG Captions

It has been four years since I decided to create this blog and here I am still going at it. There's been moments where I wondered if I should keep on going with updates to this blog, but I have kept it together so far. I haven't been one to take many breaks from capping, but when I do it is usually because of writer's block.

Speaking of my writing, I'm not sure how much my actual skill has improved. I know it is better than before I created this blog and since its creation. I still don't view myself as that good, but perhaps I'm being too modest. I suppose that's for all of you to decide, the people who always come back to read my captions.

A huge thank you to everyone who enjoys my captions and for dropping by this blog all the time. Hard to believe I currently have 372 followers and nearly six and a half million page views.

Thanks again!


  1. Seems like only yesterday! Here's to another four years!


  2. "Curse, my ASS, Kelly!!! Your captions & support & encouragement have been a boon to many more late-comers than myself, I'm sure!!! So, congratulations for reaching four years of Captioneering Excellence, and here's a toast (of sweetly "cursed" wine if you wish!) to your future in this most specialized of erotic genres!!!
    Ever yours in Peace,Love, Lust & kinky Kisses;