Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Just Reached Over 7,000,000 Views.

Within the past two hours this blog has just gone over seven million views. The previous million view milestone was back on August 9th. Amazing that that was only six months ago almost.

Big thanks to every single one of you who always come to this blog to check out my captions. I haven't been able to put in as much time as I used to with making captions, but its nice to see I still have some people paying attention to this place.

Thank you all very much!


  1. I'm guessing her balloon was green? LOL

    Congrats on 7 million! Way to go!


  2. Hey its RockNeo here. Congrats on this milestone

  3. RIP
    The human male

    There would be enough ballons to convert most of the human race if not all of it with 7,000,000 ballons. I got to say I wouldn't mind it all that much though the prospect of having trying to have a male heir would be hard to make it so the human race doesn't die would ne daunting.

    1. Well...I never said the balloon idea was thought out. lol