Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Bit Late, But Seven Years Have Passed

Hello, everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates and new captions. I've just posted quite a few, but the reasons for not posting them any sooner was due to how they were made for a few people on Rachel's Haven, and I didn't want recurring character names to seem repetitive from caption to caption. I thought I'd have other captions done for other people before posting them, but that just never came to be.

October 9th was also the seventh anniversary of this blog, and I became so caught up in real life and lack of caption motivation that I simply forgot about it entirely.

Thank you to everyone who has still dropped by here. I hope I can return more regularly.


  1. No, thank you!

    I don't care about stuff seeming repetitive, I would just post ASAP...

  2. Well worth the wait. Most up to your usual high standards. I am not usually a fan of such long captions, but you can truly turn a tale.

  3. i love your caps, worth the wait

  4. I have to say I almost check your blog weekly in anticipation for new captions. Your captions are the best. I love them and I hope you continue to create them. Also congratulations for running this blog for 7 years! Wow! I hope you are doing well in your real life.