Friday, October 9, 2020

Body Type, Then and Now: 10 Years of sp2000's TG Captions

I knew I had to make something for the blog's ten year anniversary, so I decided to write a little something inspired by how I wouldn't mind gaining a bit of a curvier figure either in regards to thinking about myself getting transformed; as compared to a decade ago when I only thought about a female version of myself being exclusively thin. Thanks to FaceApp, I was able to use some edited images here.

I know updates to this blog have been lacking. I don't write as much as I did back in 2010 and I do wish I could have written some more captions in the lead up to this anniversary. But other things in my life have wound up taking priority naturally.

To any long time and new visitors that have frequently returned to this blog at any point in its existence, thank you for enjoying my TG transformation writings.


Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.


  1. I will always enjoy your captions thank you stay safe

  2. your caption site was the first one I ever came across many years ago and like you my tastes also changed from wanting to be turned into a girl my on age to wanting to be turned into an attractive MILF

  3. Who is that woman in the second and third pictures?

    1. I should have mentioned it in the initial post, but I used FaceApp to swap Denise Milani's head onto Sara Jay's body.

  4. You have been sorely missed! But great cap as always, thank you =)

  5. Your caps are worth tbe wait, love the idea of being a milf

  6. I should thank you, you were my first tg caption site, I was so happy there's talented ppl like you writing these at that time I had only ever found Captions that read like someone learning english