Friday, November 26, 2010

Story: No More Running

Run. That's all that was going through Bruce's head. He needed to just get out of there. It was too much for him. He was having second thoughts about getting married. Bruce was supposed to be wed to Charlotte Ridge, a beautiful woman he had met five years ago. They had fallen deeply in love and he eventually proposed to her. It was the happiest moment in their lives at the time. Now Bruce wasn't so sure. He had managed to sneak out unnoticed and got to the front of the chapel. He quickly passed by a fountain surrounded by flower beds when a little creature noticed him and popped its head out of the flowers. This creature was known as the Love Fairy. She was small little fairy that appeared to be cute for human standards but an absoulute beauty for fairy standards.

Holding her wand she flew out of the bed of flowers and in front of the fleeing Bruce. Bruce stopped dead in his tracks, surprised by the appearance of tiny little woman with wings in front of him. Not only did Bruce not want to get married anymore, but now he was sure he was losing his mind. Then the tiny woman spoke.

"In all the years I've wondered from place to place feeling the presence of love I have never seen someone as despicable as you, Bruce Morrington!" she said in a high squeaky voice.
"What the hell are you!? How do you know my name!?" demanded Bruce, questioning his sanity.
"Sure, I've felt the pressence someone running out on a wedding before, but to actually be in the area and actually see it happen makes me so angry!" she rambled on.
"Uh..." Bruce trailed off, feeling sure he had gone insane.
"I am the Love Fairy." she said finally.
"Love Fairy?" questioned Bruce.
"Yes! And I'm not letting a moment of love be ruined. Not when I'm around anyway..."
"Uh, sure. Look lady, real or not, I'm not listening to you. I'm just going to be on my way and hopefully you'll disappear from my subconscious guilt after I've had therapy. Bye!"

Before Bruce could walk forward he was stopped by the Love Fairy's wand, which was now glowing in a small bright pink light. Bruce was forced to step back toward the flower bed surrounding the fountain. The wand drew closer to his face as he leaned back his head in fear.

"You make me sick," said the angered Love Fairy in a not so high voice, "I know you won't listen to reason, so I'll have to take some drastic measures in order to make sure love doesn't die in my pressence today."

The Love Fairy tapped Bruce on the nose with her wand. Rubbing his nose for a second or two, Bruce then went to holding his head. His tuxedo began to shift around and change material and color. He could feel his body lose mass and thin down. As soon as he felt wispy and thin, his hips and butt expanded. He felt a heft in his chest as two bumps began to grow. A sudden sting hit him in the crotch. An invisible brush felt like it was moving across his face. Hair grew and covered his vision and began to move on its own to form a bun. He felt his heels being pushed up as his shoes shapeshifted and became lighter. What was Bruce's tuxedo was now a solid connected piece of silk clothing in a gray color that continued to grow whiter. It losts it sleeves and draped over his feet. The material began to wrap around Bruce until it revealed his new figure. His breasts now fully grown, his large cleavage fully displayed. Pearls appeared on him in the form of a necklace, a bracelet, and earrings. A group of red roses suddenly grew in the flower bed next to him and popped out of the dirt into a bouquet. Before he could speak in his new voice a transparent white veil dropped over his head. Bruce was now a beautiful woman in a revealing wedding dress.

"What," she stopped, surprised by her voice, "What have you done to me?"
"Maybe you should down, darling. But be sure not to ruin your dress." said the Love Fairy with her squeaky voice returned.

The new bride felt compelled to obey the fairy. The former Bruce knew she was not going insane. This was too real. She sat down on the stone of the flower bed, laced her hands on her lap, and crossed her ankles. Her legs were revealed, long and smooth with sparkling silver five inch heels on her feet. She wondered how much shorter she was now.

"I had to work quite a bit of my magic," started the Love Fairy, "In this reality there will be undying love. You are now known as Jessica Morrington and you are about to marry Charles Ridge. You were about to run away, but you decided that would ruin this perfect day and are now on your way back to the chapel fully ready to walk down the aisle as the organ plays."

Jessica didn't know what to think or feel. She knew it was her weddng day, she knew she should be happy. Why wouldn't she be? She's dreamed of this day for years. Why would she ruin this day? So many thought were running through her head. She lifted her veil and smiled. She did want to get married.

Picking up her bouquet, Jessica stood up and was lead by the Love Fairy back to the entrance of the chapel, her heels clacking all the way. The Love Fairy stopped and let Jessica walk ahead of her. Jessica stopped and turned to look at the fairy. What was happening? That fairy had turned her into a woman and now she was acting against her will. She didn't want to do this! She wasn't sure she was willing to commit to something like this.

"I see you are still havinng second thoughts. I told you I will not allow love to die when I am around!" yelled the Love Fairy, waving her wand at Jessica.

Jessica's eyes grew wide. Her mind was filled with new strange thoughts. What was she doing? She couldn't believe she was about to make herself into a runaway bride. She was letting the jitters get the best of her. Not anymore she wouldn't. She knew she could do this. She wanted to be married on this day. She smiled and flipped up her skirt in joy, revealing her sexy legs.

"Oh thank you, Love Fairy! I don't know what came over me. I love Charles too much to ruin this day for anyone. How can I ever thank you?" said Jessica.
"You have no need to thank me, darling. It is the reason I exist. Now enjoy your wedding...and your honeymoon." said the Love Fairy, disappearing into pink dust.

Jessica smoothed out her wedding dress and prepared to enter the hall.

"Here comes the bride." she smiled as an organ began to play.

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