Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TG Water Scientst's Journal Entry

Journal Entry #146: The government officials in charge of this gender warfare experiment requested the TG Water undergo more testing to make sure the chemical is perfected before being used in the battlefield. Video of the current subject shows that some of the last few kinks in the formula have been fixed, but the subject has become obsessed with rubbing as much of the water as she can onto her breasts in an attempt to make them bigger. Also, her clothing disappeared this time instead of alternating to her new form. These are only minor flaws, but the officials still want the formula to be perfect.

What they fail to understand is that every batch has its flaws. This version along with the previous have been the best developed so far. We were told to be careful about the TG Water getting into any public water supply. I may just take all the containers of TG Water my colleagues and I have worked on for so many years and do just that. I've grown tired of the labor for so long. I'll take the data I have now and make another version of the TG Water by combining the recent two. After I tamper with the waterlines here, I shall spread the TG Water in other places after I make more in secret locations. I have surely lost my mind, but this is the only revenge I can muster after all these years.

End of journal entry.

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