Sunday, April 10, 2011

About shutting down.

I just want to express what I felt about that site being shut down. I respect TFguy's decision and the site will be missed due to it having been a good site for a collection of TG fiction and captions. Except now I won't be able to see continuations of The Blob by Bigmouthstrikes. mtac030 also had a good CYOT going.

It's private message system was also the only way anyone could of contacted me since I prefer not giving out any sort of email. On that note I am currently working on another story requested by jwargod. edit: If you want to contact me, you can send me a private message on this site now.


  1. Yeah, I have to say I'm a little bummed about that too. It does stink as it was a great central place for anyone into TG/tf captions, stories, and what have you. We will have to do what we can to get by.

  2. Yep, its a shame since there was a community there and you knew when your captions were being read due to views or comments...

  3. Hey! BMS here. First of all, I really appreciate the special call out to my story in the post. Secondly, I'd like to assure you that The Blob, nor Wishes to Gods if you'd been keeping up with that, are over. They'll be posted on TheProcess and my Deviantart account which you may find


    I'm also toying with putting them on the Haven. either way, it's a shame that this site is gone and I'll miss it, even if TF-Guy and I don't see eye to eye on the issue.