Thursday, December 27, 2012

An update.

First I want to say that I hope everyone had a good Christmas and that hope you all enjoyed the Christmas caps I managed to put out this year.

Now I want to express something I've been thinking about for a long time.

I'm not sure I want to make TG captions anymore.

Lately I've found myself very tired of it and the process of making these captions among other stuff I've done has taken up a lot of my free time. I feel as if I should be focusing on more important things in my life. I know I've left one of my stories on here unfinished and I still owe a good number captions to people on If I do stop making captions, then it will probably be after I've completed the latter.

I wasn't sure when I would ever make this kind of announcement, but I really felt like making it now.


  1. It would be sad were you to stop making your captions, but I do know how much captioning can seem to overrun other parts of life. I think I often sit my big fat backside down here and caption because it is easier than facing up to the real world.

    I certainly thank that the Haven would be a poorer place without your contributions

    Whatever you eventually do I would just hope that you have a wonderful new year and a great life.

  2. I can sympathize; I've only recently (since July) started captioning again, and I've found that it takes up a surprising amount of both my time and my creative resources.

    I've put a number of my own non-erotic, non-caption projects on hold since I started my blog. And lately I've found myself increasingly interested in restarting those projects and stopping captioning altogether. I first made TG captions back in 2002, and started several Yahoo Groups. Eventually it was taking up all my time to run the groups and feedback was pitiful. Ultimately, other concerns won out, and I stopped captioning.

    But I have a ton of erotic caption/story ideas that eat away in my brain all day, which led me to start up again this year. That's the main reason I continue captioning now; if I stop, I'll be haunted by my fantasies constantly. As it is, captioning sometimes actually helps me get the erotic stuff out so I can focus on my more conventional projects.

    So, sometimes captioning is helpful, and sometimes it's a real chore. Personally, I'll probably continue, for now, though lately I've been updating less and less. There may come a point in the near future when I want to stop again. And I very well might.

    I can't give you any real advice, but I do understand why you would want to stop captioning. I enjoy your captions and I would miss them if you stopped, but you've got to do what you think is most important.

    Whatever you decide in the end, I wish you the best.

    - B-Rex,

  3. I'm going to miss your caps- there two cap writers that I Love you and Meg. I wish you much Love and thank you for the pleasure and dreams that one day I maybe what I have longed to be for so long and you are one of two who has kept this dream going and helped the longing to grow bigger and the want to reach to out of control at times. I long to be with a woman but as being a woman and one day maybe one day I can have this dream cum true and that cap will be complete for me... W/Love Eva Moore I Love you and miss you already!!!

  4. Ah such a pity, you truly are a great captioner and storyteller. Indeed.

    Now for taking up your time, I can only say that's true, even when I'm trying to cope up with RL and/or gaming, studying or crafting my own RAGS game or trying to comment and watch other people works. It swallows a lot of time. I hope you can be able at least to caption from time to time, instead of in a daily basis...

    Sometimes it feels a bit ungrateful to do something and not receive enough comments - or any at all - as it takes you to think you are doing something futile - I felt like that sometimes -

    But I would suggest that you should take it as a hobby, like it is and whenever you think you have nothing else to do. Enjoy your time crafting a story. That would be the nicest option.

    If not and should you feel already tired of the captioning world, then farewell. And I hope that you at least drop by the Haven or my blog to keep in touch :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  5. Its sad to hear that, as I enjoyed your captions and your comments on the Haven. I wish that whatever you are doing makes you happy though, and if its not captioning, then so be it. Your well being should be the top priority. I do hope you do swing by the Haven and keep up with us as much as possible though, and when you feel the urge, make a caption!

  6. Never made a comment before, but I just want to let you know I love your captions, and while I am sad to hear you might stop, you do what you think is best. If you no longer find any joy in creating these captions, why should you continue making them? It's your choice!

  7. I have to echo the sentiments of those above. I only discovered your blog relatively recently and am still reading through your captions, which I love. However, I completely understand where you are coming from wanting to stop. Thanks for sharing your creativity and stories. I know I have enjoyed them.