Saturday, December 29, 2012

Another Update: I've been thinking over some stuff.

As I mentioned in my last post I am getting a bit exhausted with all this caption making I've done. To be honest, a part of me still feels like doing so, but after thinking things over some more and dealing with some personal issues I think I might only just need some kind of break really.

I've also noticed that my blog is getting quite close to reaching 3,000,000 views and even 300 followers, so it wouldn't be entirely appropriate to have those views build up without even posting new material to go with them.

Overall, I feel overloaded at the moment and just need to take things slowly. Sorry for the drama caused before in my previous post, especially since I'm only posting this two days afterwards. I'd also like to thank everyone who commented on that post and thank you for expressing your appreciation for my caps.

Here's hoping for the best in how I manage this blog in the future.


  1. No disrespect intended here, but... of course you're exhausted! Why in the world do you think you HAVE to update your blog on a regular basis? You don't owe it to anybody. You should only be captioning because you enjoy it, not because you feel obliged to do so. Forcing it just leads to substandard work. Update your blog when you feel inspired.

    Amanda Hawkins

  2. Take some time off, a vacation of sorts, see what you enjoy doing else-wise. I enjoy your captions, and I also understand the NEED to RELAX and REFRESH yourself, so don't sweat it. Do what you enjoy doing, and if that means something else, you have done a great run!

  3. Amanda makes an important point in that there is no point in captionng if you feel you are only doing it for others and don't get enjoyment from it yourself.

    One thing that has helped me over the past couple of years is the scheduling facilities of both blogger and tumblr. It alows you to feel compfortable that you won't hit the creative wall, which I find allows me to just create as and when. Onmy tumblr blog at the moment I have more than 20 caps schedule to post at one a day, so if I feel uncreative for a few days it's not that important.

    In the end the moral is blog for you and have fun

  4. Sweetheart, we can all relate on some level, I would imagine. Especially with the utter explosion of growth in TG Caption blogs and membership at Rachel's Haven.

    Chill, gurlfriend. Take a, or several, step(s) back and enjoy life, hon! Better to take a hiatus than to burst under a pressure that does not exist.

    Be at PEACE, do what/who you LOVE, and share your KISSES!!!

  5. I agree with Amanda. Do whatever you feel is necessary to sort out your life and feelings and whatnot...your caption making can take a break if it needs to, we're more concerned about you. Do let us know how you come along and don't worry too much about upkeeping the blog.

    Merry Holidays,
    Stephanie Bolt