Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Game of the Strange Package

This took a while to get done. Sometimes I'm amazed at when I'm able to think of a caption and it starts out simple, but then becomes something more as I continue to write it.

For this caption I decided to try something new. With this one I decided to make it more than one image captioned. To make it distinct from the stories I posted here, I decided to experiment with something else as well and that is text bubbles with the image. However, since circumstances only allow me to work with MS Paint at the moment they do not look very good. Also, I'm sure the images used here have a different woman in each of them, but I think they appear similar enough. Once I saw the other image I felt like I had to expand on what I was writing. I don't think I'll make a habit of these type of captions. It is just something to try out.

This is also another that doesn't particularly end well in the main character's original favor, but falls victim to new desires. If you don't like the text bubbles or don't want anything in the plot ruined I have also provided the captions without the text bubbles.

With the text bubbles:

Without the text bubbles:

Comments, ratings, and cristicism are always appreciated.

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