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Story: Your Wish Must Be Ten Words or Less

This is yet another caption I had posted on I didn't intend to post this here originally, but I thought why not. Personally I don't think it is that great, but I'll let all of you be the judge of that.


Martin was walking out of a nearby gas station Mini-Mart with his purchases of energy drinks to help him through his school day. Martin was a high school senior and eighteen years old. He was never the most popular or best looking kid, but his grades were good. While trying to get his change into the pocket of his jeans, he somehow managed to lose grasp of some coins. Martin put his bag of energy drinks on the ground and knelt down to pick up the few quarters, dimes, and nickles.

"Just my luck," Martin muttered to himself, before noticing something strange among the coins he was picking up, "Huh? What's this?"

Ignoring the last quarter and dime, Martin picked up a golden coin that was roughly three inches in diameter. One side was covered with rows of a diamond shaped pattern. On the other side, to Martin's surprise, was a series of words that said "After saying the words 'I wish,' you must speak a single wish in ten words or less. Otherwise, your wish will be granted in a way you do not desire." Martin stared at the gold coin in disbelief.

"So, I've found a...magical one wish coin?"

With the wish coin in his right hand, Martin picked up the remaining quarter and nickel on the ground with his left hand, which held the rest of his change, and stood back up. He looked over the strange golden coin again. The thoughts of an actual coin that granted a person's wish ran through his head, leading to another thought. Martin never was really great with the ladies. The last girl he had a relationship with only lasted two weeks. Still skeptical about the wish coin being real, Martin formed his idea of the type of girl he'd like to be with. He knew what he would wish for.

"Alright wish coin, I'll play your game." he said, half expecting it not to work. Martin spoke his wish, staring at the coin in his hand. "I wish I was in a great relationship with a hot, busty, and nice girl from Japan."

The moment Martin finished his wish, the side of the wish coin that had the message on it gave off a brief bright glow. The words now gave a different message. "Your wish was more than ten words. The coin must now remove words from your wish and grant it in a way you do not desire. This is the consequence for not heeding the coin's instructions." Martin realized the mistake the coin was referring to. Thinking out his wish again he found out it was fifthteen words long! He put the thought aside.

"Consequence? Whatever. Just give me my girlfriend, you stupid coin! Grant my wish if you really work." he said, annoyed if something was going to happen or not. To Martin's surprise, a voice came from the coin!

"The coin is now done removing words from your wish," it said in a voice that could not be described as male or female, "Your wish shall now be granted with ten of the words spoken after 'I wish.'"

Martin let out a sigh at the thought of the words that would be removed. Maybe she wouldn't be Japanese, he thought, hoping she would still be nice girl who was hot. Martin eagerly waited for his new girlfriend. The coin let out another voice at this moment, Martin's voice, speaking the reworded wish made by the coin.

"I wish I was a hot, busty, and nice girl from Japan."

Martin's eyes went wide with shock.

"What!?" he cried out as the coin shined brightly and disappeared from his hand. Startled, Martin once again dropped his change that had still been in his left hand.

"Damn it! Not again!" he said about ready to pick up the coins again.

Before he could kneel down, Martin noticed something odd about his surroundings. Everything around him began to shimmer. Buildings, houses, streets, cars, signs, and any people around began to change in appearance around Martin. In a matter of seconds, Martin's surroundings had turn into another location. From what Martin could tell, he was now somewhere in Japan! He turned around at the Mini-Mart that had been behind him to see a similar store except there were a few vending machines outside now and everything with words was in Japanese. The clerk as well as any other people inside were Japanese also. Martin stared with his mouth gaping, stunned by where he now was.

"I-I-I-I don't b-believe this." Martin said, still in shock and a little bit of awe.

Shaking his head, Martin went to pick up his change that he had dropped again before. He stopped before he could even get on his knee and noticed the coins were different. Instead of quarters, dimes, or nickels, there were instead coins with 5's, 10's, and 50's on them. The ones with 5's and 10's had holes in the center of them. Martin recognized them as yen, the Japanese currency!

"What..." Martin trailed off.

Martin couldn't move. He felt his body tingle with a strange sensation. He began to shrink in height, going from 5'9" to 5'3". Martin could feel his arms and legs become thinner and thinner. He felt his whole frame shrink as his shoulders became more narrow. Any fat around his gut and waist had disappeared leaving behind a flat stomach, his thinner waist becoming more defined as his hips were much wider than before. Martin felt his jeans get tighter from behind as his butt expanded outward. There was a twinge of pain in his crotch and a tingling behind each of his nipples. Martin was aware of what had happened in his pants and could predict what was about to happen with his chest, feeling his skin grow and expand behind his nipples.

He felt his face twitch and reform. His head and face were now smaller overall as his complexion became clear. His eyebrows thinned out while his eyes grew bigger and almond shaped, the iris of each turning black from blue. His nose shrunk drastically in size, now turned up a little bit at the tip. His jawline was more rounded and his lips puffed out, completing his new Japanese girl face as his hair turned a darker brunette and grew just below his shoulders. At this moment, his still growing breasts were at a point where they could be considered a B-cup.

By now Martin's clothes were baggier and hanging on his smaller body, but that soon changed. His clothing first shrank, almost fitting him, but then they began to alter. His shoes and socks morphed, the shoes adjusting to his smaller feet and turning white while the socks became a thinner cotton and turned black,  crawling up his legs just below the knees. While that went on, his pants and boxers transformed. The boxers had shrunk and changed into panties, hugging the curves of his new body. The jeans rose up his legs, becoming a softer material, the legs now connected. The denim appearance was soon gone and replaced with a blue and dark blue plaid pattern on a now pleated skirt that ended just above the knees. Martin's tee shirt and button shirt began their transition at this point. His tee shirt split in two. One part staying around his still growing breasts and the other going around his neck. The already unbuttoned button shirt shrank, turning from green to white into a button up blouse. The buttons now on the appropriate side for a girl's piece of clothing. Martin felt he could move again and noticed the open shirt exposing his fully grown 37D breasts. He covered himself with his smaller arms, unable to hide the massive cleavage.

As the white silk bra formed around him, he quickly buttoned up the blouse with some trouble since the buttons were now reversed. The other half of the tee shirt had morphed into a red and blue striped ribbon around around his neck. Martin buttoned the last of the blouse, his supported breasts straining against the material, and by some unknown instinct, fixed the ribbon around his neck. Even though he could move again, Martin froze in place taking in what had just happened. Slowly turning back toward the Mini-Mart, the reflection he saw in the window was that of a beautiful eighteen year old Japanese girl wearing a school uniform. With this appearance he could only be called nothing but a she! Martin cupped her breasts and pressed on her skirt until she felt her flat crotch, her vagina! She began to breath deeply, causing her big breasts to rise and fall under the tight fitting blouse. There was a noticable difference in her voice than before. She attempted to speak in her new voice.

"O-O-Okay, I'm a...a girl n-now. The girl that was s-s-supposed to be my girlfriend. This sure feels...different." she said in her higher, feminine voice.

With the feeling of nothing else to do, Martin knelt down to pick up the yen that was now hers, so she assumed. She held the coins in her hand aware she no longer had pockets with the pleated skirt. Martin suddenly noticed her backpack dropped off her back at some point. She looked around only to see a brown shoulder school bag. Opening the two clasps on the bag and found a place for her money among school textbooks she hadn't seen before, all written in the Japanese language. With a sigh, she flung the bag on her shoulder, feeling even more like a girl. She then noticed the plastic bag she left on the ground before. Martin picked it up and opened the bag expecting to see the energy drinks he bought, only to find it contained one of those bento box lunches that were very common in Japan, filled with sushi and riceballs amongst other little things. Martin felt like she had just about lost everything.

"I could really use something to drink right now..." she said, really feeling down about everything that happened to her.

Martin glanced at the nearby vending machines. She didn't see any energy drinks, to her disappointment. All that was there were sodas and juices in cans. She couldn't read the labels and decided to get the one that had what looked like an orange on it. Martin took the approriate amount of yen from her bag and put it into the machine. Seconds later she was enjoying her purchase.

"Mmmm. This is really good. Considering my situation, I needed something sweet to calm me down."

Martin walked over to the wall next the machine and leant against it drinking the canned juice. She began to think about her situation.

"Okay, so this is the consequence of going over the ten word limit of my wish. All thanks to that damn coin," she took another drink of the juice, "So refreshing... There must be a way for me to get back to my old life, right? I don't want to be a hot, busty, and nice girl from Japan forever..." she took another sip from her juice, "Why am I in Japan though? I didn't wish for anything about a native Japanese girl. Maybe it's part of the consequence? But if I'm from Japan now, that means I have a new family, right? Who am I in this life? If I'm from this country, why can't I understand any Japanese and why can I speak perfect English? It doesn't make sense!" she began to pout.

Sipping her juice again, Martin was unaware she was about to go through the final transitions into her new life.

"This isn't fair! I don't want to be a girl! I want to live as Martin again," she yelled, not hearing her voice steadily gain a thick Japanese accent, "I wanna go home, I wanna rive my ord rife, I..." her eyes lit up in shock, "My voice! What happen to my voice? My Engrish not as good rike befowah. I feer rike know ress an' ress Engrish. So much fowah this Juicy Orange Blast Drink carming mee down. Ah! I read drink raber now?!"

Soon, Martin's broken English transitioned into perfect Japanese.

"(Noo! I'm speaking perfect Japanese and I can read all the signs everywhere now!)" she says in panic, as her new life begins to take control. "(I don't want to be a girl! I'm not...I-I-I am a girl! I'm M-M-Mar-M-Ma-M-Me-Megumi!)"

A bright light flashed into her eyes causing Megumi to stare at the sky. Her trance was broken when she heard a voice calling her name. It was another girl in the same school uniform. She was thinner than Megumi and not as well endowed. On her back was a small green backback, her books in her arms. Her short black hair framed a cute face. Megumi recognized her as her classmate and best friend, Akemi.

"(Megumi, I see you're running late too.)" she said with a smile.

Megumi became overcome with realization.

"(Oh nooo! What time is it? I've never been late before,)" she said,taking a sip of her juice, "(Not even this will calm me down!)"
"(I could use a drink too,)" said Akemi, "(I'm a bit short, can I borrow some money?)"
"(Sure, of course!)" said Megumi with a smile, almost forgetting her troubles.
"(Thanks, Megumi. You're the nicest person I know.)"

Akemi got the same Orange Juice Blast drink as Megumi.

"(Ah, perfect drink to start off the day,)" said Akemi with a smile, "(Come on, Megumi, lets get going or we'll be late for class.)"
"(Okay,)" Megumi said with confidence "(I won't be late! Race you, Akemi!)" she said, running off.
"(Hey, Megumi, wait up!)" said Akemi, following close behind.

The two girls ran to school, giggling all the way.


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  1. do you know where i can find more of this girl you use for this story? And i like this story

  2. wow quite a story that, well thought out. The girls name is Miri Hanai
    Rather a delightful sight !