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Story: Peach & Daisy

This is another caption I had posted at a while back and now I've added a few additional sentences to it. One of the characters also has the same first name as the character in the caption in my last post, but that is just a coincidence. This was also the first time I used the mysterious dark robed alleyway video game salesman that was mentioned in this post:


David had just returned home to his apartment after a long day of work. He could see his roommate and best friend, Peter, playing the latest Super Mario game. David approached the couch Peter was sitting on. An empty pizza box lied on the floor along with a few beer bottles. Peter acknowledged David's pressence.

"Hey Dave."
"Since when did we have the newest Mario game," replied David, getting to the point, "You didn't use part of your rent money to buy this did you?"
"Not really. I bought it from some weird dude in an alleyway on my way to work. He was selling a bunch of games for just about everything. I got this game cheap for twenty dollars!" Peter said, sounding proud of himself for finding such a bargain.

David looked at the TV to see Mario doing his usual manuvers, stomping on Goombas, amongst other things going on in the game as he ran around.

"You never thought it could have been a fake?" said David.
"Every game he had was factory sealed though. He could have stole them for all I care." replied Peter.
"How exactly was this guy selling these games?"
"He just had this small booth set up."
"In an alleyway?"
"You bought a possibly stolen video game from a suspicious individual's booth in an alleyway?"
"At first I was skeptical since he was wearing a black cloak and had a scar going down the left side of his face," Peter explained, "But he turned out to be real friendly. Plus, this is the best deal I have ever had with buying a game. Also, the guy said as I left that I would 'really get into the game.'"
"Whatever man." replied David.

David walked over next to Peter and knocked the controller out of his hands, causing Mario to fall into a pit and die.

"That's for not saving me any pizza." said David.

A few weeks later, David entered the apartment after a another frustrating day of dealing with annoying customer complaints to see Peter sitting on the couch again playing the Mario game he had bought a few weeks back.

"Weren't you playing when I left earlier?" asked David.
"Yeah," replied Peter, "I called in sick because I'm really close to beating this game."

Letting out a sigh, David sat on the couch next to Peter and watched him play through the final level. When he reached the final boss, Bowser, Peter eventually defeated him after a second try. level. David and Peter watched the ending cinematic that showed Mario and Luigi returning to the Mushroom Kingdom with Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, both who were saved from Bowser's clutches. The four characters entered Peach's Castle. Outside, fireworks were in the sky and the Toads were jumping up and down cheering. Then all of a sudden, one red-spotted mushroomed Toad got in front of the screen.

"Come join the celebration!" yelled the Toad.

To David and Peter's surprise, the televison screen began to glow a bright white that engulfed them. As soon as the bright light cleared, David and Peter were shocked to find themselves standing in front of Princess Peach's Castle. The two of them stood in place speechless with their mouths gaping.

"Holy shit." said Peter.
"This isn't possible." said David.

As they looked around it seemed that everyone was in the castle now as they were the only ones outside. As David and Peter walked toward the doors of the castle they both recalled the strange man's remark about "really getting into the game."

As soon as David and Peter walked inside the castle, they were greeted by the sight of various Mario characters, including the Mario Bros. themselves. There were many tables of all kinds of foods, pastries, and beverages. The only ones absent in the main hall were Peach and Daisy. Before David and Peter could interact with anyone, they were stopped by a brown-spotted mushroomed Toad with glasses and a mustache.

"Excuse me, sirs, I don't mean to impede your celebrating, but I am busy at the moment. Would you mind go telling the Princesses that everything is ready down here?" he asked.
"Well..." David started.
"Sure!" Peter said, interrupting David.

Before David could oppose, Peter set off toward the stairs leading up to the second floor. David eventually caught up to Peter.

"Don't you think its odd that they would ask strangers to get the Princesses?" David asked.
"You're thinking too much. Just enjoy the fact that we're in a video game. Who knows, maybe this is all part of the game experience." responded Peter with a laugh.
"I still think it's odd that we're in here."

Having played enough of the game, Peter knew the layout of the castle and was easily able to find Peach's bedroom. He knocked on the door and waited. He knocked again and waited. This time David knocked and the door slowly opened. David and Peter peeked in to notice the room was uninhabitted. The room itself was decorated in colors of white and multiple shades of pink. They could see Peach's wide fluffy bed as it was the most noticable object. David and Peter entered, not noticing the door slowly close behind them.

"Well that's odd," said Peter, "They should be in here."
"Maybe they're on a balcony or something," said David, "Lets look around some more."

David tried to open the door to leave, but it wouldn't budge at all. After a few failed attempts he gave up.

"Great. We're stuck in here." said David, annoyed.

David turned to look at Peter, but he was gone. David explored the room further to find Peter going through Peach's stuff around what looked like a vanity.

"Wow! I can't believe we're in the bedroom of Princess Peach!" exclaimed Peter.
"Stop going through her stuff, Pete! I would think she wouldn't appreciate it." said David.

Peter picked up what looked like a perfume bottle and examined it. Not wanting him to break it, David walked over to Peter to get it out of his hands.

"Put that down! You could break..."

As David grabbed for the perfume bottle, he was cut off by the large squirt of purfume that went in the faces of himself and Peter. Peter put down the bottle, both of them being forced to cough.

"Now look what you did," yelled David, "The last thing I need to smell like is a prin..."

David trailed off as he noticed something odd about Peter. Strands of blonde hair were beginning to appear in Peter's black hair. At the same time, Peter was noticing strands of brown hair appearing in David's red hair. Peter began to freak out and ran over to a door and entered it. David ran after Peter and found that it lead to a very large walk in closet. There was row after row of the pink dresses worn by Princess Peach as well as a few other pink outfits for winter time and sporting events. Many umbrellas and parasols were inside too. As David looked around for Peter, he noticed long brown hairs go into his vision.

"Peter, where are you?" he said aloud.

At the other end of the closet, Peter looked at his hands as they became thinner, the nails on his fingers extending. He yelled out in fear. Following the direction of the yell, David walked through the aisles of clothing, but was unable to find Peter. Walking around some more, David felt his body shrink in size, becoming smaller. Opposite of where David was, Peter looked down at his thinner body. His hips had widened and his butt was more round. His clothing that used to be a white shirt and jeans was now meshing together into a solid pink material. Moving the long curly blonde hair off his shoulder, he yelled out.

"I knew it was a bad idea to buy the game from that guy! I'm sorry I got us into this, David!"

Somewhere across from Peter in the large closet, David yelled out.

"Don't worry, Peter! Everything will be alright!"

Things were not going to be alright from what David saw by looking at himslef. His clothing had turned yellow as well as orange in two spots. His sleeves began to puff up and his socks felt more like stockings now. His hair had stopped growing just below the shoulders and curled at the ends. Despite this, he continued to look for Peter.

Peter was still running in panic when his pant legs connected and exploded into a wide silky skirt. The top of his clothing tightened around his upper body. A large blue jewel appeared on his chest and began to rise up from something growing behind his nipples. Peter screamed out in a higher pitched voice. He then tripped as his shoes had turned into red three inch high heels.

David heard the high girly scream and assumed it was Peter since his own voice changed as well. Looking at the white petaled large green jewel on his chest, he grabbed the well sized breasts it was nestled on. His hands were now covered with wrist length white silk gloves. He felt his face, that felt different too. He put his hands on his hips and sighed. Walking a few steps, feeling his hips sway, David walked in front of a series of three full body mirrors. In appearance, David was now Princess Daisy! Shrugging, he continued to look for Peter. He was surprised how well he was beginning to walk in the three inch orange high heels. He moved his hair aside, brushing one of the flowered shaped earrings.

"Where is he," thought David, "I have to find Pet...Pe...P..."

Peter picked himself off the floor and brushed himself off with his elbow length white silk glove covered hands. After smoothing out the dress, Peter looked up to see his reflection in a series of three full body mirrors. Peter now looked just like Princess Peach! His body still ached from when he fell down.

"I really fell hard," he said, straightening the skirt of the dress, "Now, where is Dav...Da...D..."

The two princesses continued to look for each other. As they each walked down an aisle of clothing that would eventually meet, a small crown popped out of nowhere and landed on each of their heads. They met at the end of the two aisles, almost running into each other.

"Oh!" they both said aloud.
"Peach!" Daisy exclaimed.
"Daisy!" exclaimed Peach.
"I looked everywhere for you." said Daisy.
"Sorry," apologized Peach, "Sometimes I forget how much of a maze this closet is."
"Thanks for showing it to me though. I should get one as big at my castle." Daisy laughed.
"Perhaps we should be going. I'm sure everything is set up downstairs by now."
"Okay, lets go!"

The two princesses left Peach's bedroom and walked side by side downstairs to the main hall. It was always great to celebrate the saftey of the Mushroom Kingdom after Mario and Luigi saved it once again from evil. The two ladies entered the main hall. Everyone's attention was now on Princess Peach and Princess Daisy. With smiles and arms extended, they shout out to the many cheers.

"Let the celebration begin!"


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