Sunday, August 21, 2011

Formspring questions/requests.

I thought I would post the ones I haven't gotten around to yet. This will also give you all an idea of what I'm trying to make at the moment. Remember though, it all depends on what image I find and when I feel inspiration.


This one is from tobythetiger:

hiya im a big fan of yours i was hoping you could make a caption involving a family like a bad son to good daughter or bad husband to good wife xxx

Nice idea. I'm sure I could do one or both of those. Maybe mix the two together. Depends on the image I use.

An annonymous user asks:

could you make more possession captions? those always are my favorites

I can try. I haven't done one in a while, but I'm sure I can come up with something.

Another annonymous person asks:

I really enjoyed the best friends forever story. Do you plan on finishing it?

I really would like to, but I am suffering writer's block with it. I had set out where it would eventually go, but I'm kind of stuck at where it goes to get there. I feel bad about delaying it so much since I'm writing it by request and leaving it unfinished makes me feel I let down jwargod (the person that requested it).

Another person asks:

Could you make a caption where a guy turns into a hugely pregnant woman at the beach? In a bikini, perhaps? ;) Thank you!

That depends if I can find an image for it.

Here is one from Spyder:

Could you please do a caption for me of someone who has been turned into a Emo/Punk girl. Thank you for your time Spyder

I see this is the second time you have asked. I still do plan to make this type of caption for you. Sorry I haven't gotten around to it.


Also, thanks again to the person(s) that keep mentioning they like my pregnancy captions.

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