Thursday, August 18, 2011

Request Caption for Warmenx: Don't Anger a Wizard

This is a caption Warmenx requested through Formspring.

I was wondering if you can do a caption for me. See Sexycurvybabe told me about you and I was hopinf if you can do a caption of a guy becoming a bride or a pregnant woman.

Ok for that caption can you make his name Ivan and his female name Vivi or Vivian? oh and I can you choose a pic that isnt naked.

I went with a pregnancy caption, but I could still do a bride caption in the future involving the same names. I came up with a scenario and wrote it as best I could. I hope it turned out well.

I also went through a few different caption titles since the plot developed from what I originally intended. The other titles I came up with were "Pregnancy Jokes - A Good or Bad Thing?", "Taking Advantage of a Wizard", and "Don't Insult a Wizard's Wife."

Comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated.

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