Monday, December 13, 2010

Always Remember Instructions

Wow, like, that potion totally worked! Now what was I warned about again? Oh, like, ohmygawd! I didn't mix in the potion with any other liquid and now I'm totally a stupid bimbo! Oh well. It's not like I was smart or anything before, right? Like, I don't remember ever being smarter or nothing. Who needs to be inte...intelli...intelligental anyway? I have big boobies! Oh, it, like, feels so good shaking them! I wonder if I forgot any other of the potion's ins...instruc...instrucments? Ohmygawd! My boobies grew! Oh yeah, I, like, wasn't supposed to jiggle my boobies around too much for... Oh what's that number with the three and zero? Oh yeah! I wasn't supposed to, like, jiggle my boobies for birdie mintues or else they would grow. Ooohhh, but they feel so good. I want bigger boobies, like totally! Birdie minutes isn't too long, right? This should only take a few seconds, so I'll just keep shaking them until they stop growing! Heehee!


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  1. i gotta ask; how do these animated caps work exactly?

  2. It's just an animated gif image I found and I added the text like I would with any other blog post.