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Story: Garden Trespasser

This was a caption I made on a while back. I captioned it for my blog now, but it's ridiculously long. I think I should just consider it a story, actually. I'll add the text as well to this post.

Eighteen year old Kevin Tillmond was getting ready to leave for college when he thought it would be a good idea to reminisce his younger days by going next door where old lady Linda Yellowell lived and ruin her garden one last time. As a child, Kevin was a troublemaker. He once pranked the neighbors across the street from Ms. Yellowell's house so bad that they moved out, causing no one to live there to the present day.

Back then there had been a rumor spread by the neiborhood children that old Linda Yellowell was a witch. The young Kevin thought he could make the witch go away if he destroyed her garden. After that incident, Kevin was punished by Ms. Yellowell heself, with no complaints from his parents. About once or twice a month, Kevin would destroy Ms. Yellowell's garden until it was the only thing he got in trouble for doing. Eventually Kevin matured and stopped his destruction of the garden. He was old enough to know Ms. Yellowell wasn't really a witch.

Now Kevin wanted to destroy that garden one last time before leaving home. Kevin walked next door and hopped the white picket fence and into Ms. Yellowell's front yard where he stomped and pulled on a few flowers. He then hopped the fence into her backyard where he proceeded in destroying other plants. In most cases this would be seen as trespassing, but feeling nostalgic, Kevin saw it as a good old prank. Kevin stopped what he was doing when he heard a voice behind him. On her back porch was the eighty-five year old Linda Yellowell with an angered expression on her face.

"Oh, hello, Ms. Yellowell," said Kevin as if he were surprised, "I see you're looking as healthy as ever."
"And I see you've come back once again to destroy my garden," said Ms. Yellowell annoyed with her arms crossed, "I never though you would destroy my backyard as well."
"You know me, sometimes I just can't resist." he said in a joking manner.
"I thought you wouldn't do this kind of thing anymore?" she asked with an eyebrow raised.
"Well I figured I destroy your garden once more for old time's sake."
"That's what you said when you were entering high school and I let you off that time because I believed you. I even went as far as not telling anyone it was you. But you're just the same troublemaker you've always been."
"You have to admit my behavior has improved though," he says with a smile, "So does that mean you won't let me off the hook this time? Am I to get another scolding? Be forced to clean your house again?"

Ms. Yellowell looked like she was about to explode with anger.

"Listen here, you little smartass, I was willing to forgive your past actions once you were long gone at college, but that is not going to happen now!"
"Easy, Ms. Yellowell, I didn't think you'd get so mad." said Kevin feeling sorry.
"You know what? I don't think your behavior will improve beyond what it is now. I'm going to fix you good!"
"And how are you going to do..."

Kevin trailed off when he noticed Ms. Yellowell's destroyed garden grow back to how it once was. A look of shock and confusion appeared across his face.

"How did you think I kept my garden looking so well even after you destroyed it? Not that you or anyone else would have noticed anyway." she said with a grin.
"How is that possible? Wait, you are a witch!?"
"Sorry you had to find out like this, but I'm now feeling the rest of the world does not need anyone with your behavior." she says, walking down the steps of the porch.
"Are you going to kill me!?"
"What? No! More like rewrite your existence. Now hold still and be silent." she said sternly.

Kevin couldn't move or speak. All he could do was stand still as Ms. Yellowell did what she wanted.

"Did you ever know I was good friends with the family that used to live across from me? I was quite angry when you forced them to move away. No one would even move in afer them because of you! I think I'll fix that problem as well."

Even though he was frozen, Kevin's face still showed fear.

"You know Kevin, I think you made me despise men more than I already have. I can stand your gender well enough, but I think I wouldn't mind there being one less in this neighborhood."

Kevin could feel his body begin to tingle.

"I think this neighborhood needs a resident that is older and more mature. Maybe even someone who stands out a bit, wouldn't you say?"

Kevin couldn't respond even if he wanted to.

"You can forget about going to college, or going at all for that matter. I believe you went into a very interesting career choice once you graduated high school...ten years ago."

Kevin became confused at that last statement. How could he have graduated from high school ten years ago? He graduated back in the summer.

"I'm sure everyone will be glad to meet the new neighbor," said Ms. Yellowell rasing an arm in the air, "I'm sure you would have liked her, Kevin. She's everything you might have lusted after. SHE will certainly respect my property more than YOU ever did." she says, snapping the fingers of her raised hand.

The tingle Kevin had felt before intensified and he began to feel very warm. He could feel his body become thin in some places and expand in other places. The biggest expansion was in his chest. Kevin wanted to see what was happening, but he was still frozen still and his vision was now blocked by longer and darker brown hair. His stance change making his legs stand side by side. His face twitched and he blinked, feeling something being applied on his eyelids and eyelashes. Something now hung from both of his ears and there was a taste on his lips. Feeling continued to be regained he breathed, causing something new to rise and fall on his chest. The warmth left his body causing him to feel the cool breeze on his now bare legs.

Ms. Yellowell smiled at the sight in front of her. A beautiful woman began to start feeling around her body. The woman moved the hair out of her eyes and let out a shocked gasp. The woman looked down at her short, revealing pink dress and silver 5-inch heels. She felt her big circular earrings and moved on to grasping her large breast. She stared at her magnificent cleavage exposed by the dress. She moved her hands under the dress, feeling her crotch forcing a shocked expression across her beautiful face. The woman then bent forward with one hand feeling her nice round butt and the other feeling one of her long slender legs. She finally stopped focusing on herself and looked up at Ms. Yellowell, still bent over.

"What did you..." she stopped, cut off by her beautiful new voice.
"You look so lovely, Kevin!" said Ms. Yellowell.
"What... What have you done to me!?" said the woman who used to be Kevin, standing straight up again with her legs together.
"You're the new neighbor!" she said, in a welcoming tone.
"No... No. No! This can't be happening! I'm a woman! What am I going to do!?"
"Live your new life, of course. Here, let me help you finish fitting into your new role." Ms. Yellowell said with a joyful smile.

Ms. Yellowell waved her hand in front of Kevin. Any sign of worry or fright that was on her face was now a blank stare that looked forward. Ms. Yellowell snapped her fingers and the new woman blinked and moved again.

"Thank you so much for coming over to say hello." said Ms. Yellowell with a welcoming smile.
"Huh," the new woman said, her head still feeling foggy, "Oh, I... I..."
"It's so nice to have someone living in that house across the way again. Let me be the first to say 'welcome to the neighborhood.'" the old woman smiled.
"Oh... T-Thank you. It seems like...such a nice neighborhood." the beautiful woman said, feeling a bit unsure.
"Forgive me, dear, but I don't think I've gotten your name?"

The woman shook her head and blinked a few times. A smile spread across her face.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I've been having a rough time with my divorce and moving to a new place. My name is...Kelly. Kelly Tittermound." she says, shaking the old woman's hand.
"My name is Linda. Linda Yellowell."
"Nice you, Mrs. Yellowell."
"'Ms.' actually. And call me Linda."
"So how long have you lived in the neighborhood, Linda?"
"Oh, a very long time. I may look eighty-five, but it feels like I've lived here more than three-hundred years." Linda laughed at her joke, that wasn't really a joke.
"You never married?" asked Kelly.
"No, no. Who needs men anyway?"
"I've been beginning to feel that way since my divorce."

The two women laughed.

"I'm sure you can find someone else to make you happy, Kelly."
"Ha! Yeah right. I don't need anyone else acting like they own me." a sad look was on her face.
"Cheer up, Kelly. Think of moving here as a new start."
"Thanks... I'm glad I have that ass out of my life anyway. He was really immature." Kelly said, getting a smile back.
"So Kelly, what does a gorgeous young woman like yourself do for a living?" asked Linda.
"Well, I'm actually a very popular model." said Kelly, supressing a giggle.
"Well, you look like one. I thought you looked a little familiar. Were you on the television?"
"I did act as a housewife on that short lived sitcom 'Model Mom.' I only auditioned because my ex said I was getting too old to do modeling any more, that immature ass."
"How old are you, dear?" asked Linda.
"I'm only twenty-eight. I started modeling straight after graduating high school and I still am." she said with pride.

Kelly and Linda talked more and more about themselves as the day went by. It was 4:00pm by the time they were wrapping up.

"Thank you for coming over, Kelly. It was nice meeting you." said Linda, showing Kelly to the door.
"You too, Linda. When I moved in across the street, I just had to meet the owner of the house with such a beautiful garden."

As Linda watched Kelly leave, she knew the neighborhood would never be troubled again.


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