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Story: A Strange Unexplainable Opportunity

This is another caption I had posted on back in the summer. I thought I post it on here now to get it out of the way so I wouldn't have to do it later, I also changed some of it. It also gives insight about the kind of body I would want to have if I ever had an opportunity to temporarily magically transform into an actual woman. It also hints that I think Denise Milani is the fucking hottest woman I've ever seen.


Kevin Bullord lead an average life like any other normal person at the age of twenty-five. He had an average job, an average home, and nothing too special about him. He lived alone for five years so far in his own house thanks to his parents, who decided to share their lottery winnings at the time.

Whenever Kevin wasn't working he'd stay inside at home. Mostly he would watch television, play some video games, or use the internet. When he was on the internet he'd either be looking at the usual websites he visited or at pictures of sexy women. He would look at pictures of women of any any nationality. Out of all of them though his favorite had to be the Czech Republic beauty Denise Milani.

Kevin was always mesmerized by this beautiful model. He wouldn't mind having a passionate night alone with her. However in reality, Kevin knew such a thing wasn't possible with the way he looked. Kevin was never the person to stay in shape. He wasn't really fat, but he'd lose his breath quick. Sometimes Kevin would wonder if his life would be better if he had a different life or was a different person.

With thoughts of having a different life with different appearance while looking at many pictures of sexy women, Kevin one day had the sudden thought of "What would my life be like if I was a woman?"

Eventually he ran across many sites of fictional stories and comics about men being magically transformed into women. Another thought entered his head "What does it feel like to be a woman?" Kevin remembered all the women he had dated over the years and how they acted. He reminded himself that he was glad to be a guy, but the thought of what being a woman was like still stayed in his head.

As weeks went by, Kevin decided he would need to get in better shape if he wanted to get back in the dating scene. Besides working out at home, Kevin walked around his neighborhood as well. The walk Kevin was on today though would bring an unexpected result.

While thinking of how he could ask out one of the girls at work once he was in better shape, he noticed one of the houses that had been for sale was now occupied. What seemed like a coincidence to Kevin, the new owner stepped onto her front porch. She looked like an older woman in her mid to late fifties. Despite her age, she was very good looking. Her curvy figure was covered by a loose dress that had a beat up ragged appearance at the end of her sleeves and at the hem of her skirt. Her long black hair framed her pale face that had dark makeup on. Her only facial flaw was the noticable wart on her left nostril. She walked to Kevin, who stood looking at her. He could hear the clack of her heels which were hidden by her long dress. She spoke in a seductive voice to Kevin before he could say hello.

"My boy, you should find yourself most fortunate. I shall help you with the question you've been wondering."
"What?" said Kevin.
"I am a Luck Witch," she explained, "And I assist anyone who is lucky enough to come across my current residence when they have something in their lives that can be solved by magic."
"You're a...witch?"
"A Luck Witch."
"Well... Prove it." said Kevin skeptically.

The Luck Witch snapped her fingers causing every blade of grass on her front lawn to turn into a four-leafed clover.

"Whoa!" said Kevin, lifting his glasses and rubbing his eyes.
"Impressive isn't it," questioned the Luck Witch, "Now my powers are telling me that you are in need of my magic to solve one of your questions."
"Well I..." said Kevin, embarrassed that she would find out what he thought on occasions.

The Luck Witch put her hand on Kevin's forehead and then pulled her hand away.

"You wonder what it is like to be woman?" said the Luck Witch.
"Well," explained Kevin, "I have no problems with being a man and I'd like to find the right woman to be with for the rest of my life, but I always get that thought in my head of 'what would it be like?'"
"I see. Do you wish for me to use my powers to transform you into a woman then?" she asked.

Kevin thought of the strange unexplainable opportunity he had right now.

"Can I choose my appearance?" asked Kevin.
"I don't see why not. After all, I exist to help others who find me." replied the Luck Witch.
"Then... I'd like to look just like my favorite model Denise Milani. But I just want my current existence to change as if I was born female. That way I can know if my life would have been better if I was a woman." said Kevin.
"Very well. You current life, but if you were born female and look just like Denise Milani." said the Luck Witch, snapping her fingers.

Kevin began to feel strange. Standing in front of the Luck Witch, she was only a few inches shorter than Kevin. Now she seemed two of three inches taller than him. Kevin shrank from 5'10" to 5'4". His body became thinner and hairless as his weight dropped from 185 lbs. to 116 lbs. Kevin's clothing was now hanging on him since he no longer fit them. His pants that were hanging at his hips were new getting tighter. Kevin's hips were expanding from his thinner frame while his waist squeezed smaller a bit. His jeans were now adjusting to his new lower body. His legs had grown longer, but he remained at the same height. His ass rounded out into a lovely shape complimenting his wider hips. He felt a jolt in his crotch signifying he would have to be refferred to as a female from now on. Her underwear changed to black lace panties. The jeans were now skin tight on her legs opening wide at the bottom around the ankles covering the now too big running shoes. That soon changed as the shoes adjusted to her feet and turning into a pair of brown 4 inch high heels, putting her at 5'8" and giving her butt a noticable lift.

Kevin began to feel strange in his upper body now. The striped t-shirt was now shrinking into a tight fitting black tanktop that showed her belly. Her watch turned into a large bracelet. The tanktop had a logo on it in the shape of a winged heart with a crown with the word "bebe" in the center. Soon large bumps began to grow on her chest. They soon developed into full natural breasts supported by a black lace bra that matched her panties.

The strange feeling moved to her face as her brown hair became a darker brunette and the iris of her eyes went from brown to hazel. Her eyelashes grew longer and heavier as the lens of her glasses darkened. Her lips plumped and were covered in lip gloss. Two big hoop earrings now hung from her ears and her hair grew below her shoulders. The frame of her glasses changed into large sunglasses, her vision now perfect. The transformation was complete.

Lifting her sunglasses and bending her knees, she gazed down at the body she now possesed. Letting out a surprised, amazed gasp, she heard her new sexy voice.

"It worked," she said, "I'm...I'm..."
"Check your indentification to see who you are now." said the Luck Witch.

Pulling a wallet out of her pocket she saw her picture on her ID card but the name and other information changed. She watched the name shift.

Kevin Bullord
Keviu Bullord
KeLiy Bullord
Kelly Bullord

"My name is Kelly." she said.
"Your life is pretty much the same," eplained the Luck Witch, "The lottery ticket your mother bought years ago was still a winning one. You have the same house, same job, and you know the same people. Except now you're known as Kelly Bullord and treated as such. You also have a striking resemblence to Denise Milani."

Kelly examined her new body now with s 34DDD-19-34 figure that was just like Denise Milani's. She slid her hands on her hips and gave one of her breasts a squeeze letting out giggle. This would certainly take some getting used to.

"I've always wondered what those felt like." said Kelly with a smile.
"How long do you wish to stay like this?" asked the Luck Witch.

Kelly thought for a moment.

"How about I live my life like this for one month and if I think my life is better as a woman, then I'll decide if I want to stay as Kelly."
"Then it is done. See me here again after one month has passed. One last thing," said the Luck Witch, placing her hands on Kelly's hips, creating a glow, "I can't have a grown woman like youself tripping in those heels."

Giving each other a smile, the Luck Witch went back into her house leaving Kelly alone. It was time to find out what being a woman was like. Luckily for her she hadn't walked that far from her house. With her hips swaying and heels clicking, Kelly walked home and into a different life.


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