Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No One Will Even Notice Me

Megan looked at her friends and felt disappointed. Beginning to cry, she put her hands on her breasts.

"What's wrong, Megan?" asked her friend Katie.
"Yeah, we thought you would like being a girl." said her other friend, Penelope.
"I do," said Megan, holding back her tears, "But you guys are bustier than I am. No one will even know I'm around when standing next to you two."
"Oh, Megan, there's no need to cry. I think you look much prettier than Penelope does." said Katie.
"Thanks a lot," said Penelope, "But you have a point. When we used that spell to become girls, I never thought our appearances would have any flaws. I'm just glad my boobs make up for my face."
"Yeah, but I was the one who really wanted to be a girl! You guys just went along for the experience and what do I get? Tits that won't get noticed!" Megan continued to cry.

Katie and Penelope looked at each and tried to think of a way to cheer up Megan.

"Come on, Megan, it's not so bad." said Katie.
"Yeah, I'm sure there are plenty of men who like small boobs." said Penelope.
"Really?" said Megan.
"Of course," said Penelope, "I was just one of them a few minutes ago. You're just focusing on how much you wanted to look like instead of what others may like in a woman."
"Yeah, Penelope is right. Besides, if we get too much attention while clubbing tonight we'll just mention that our friend Megan totally puts out on the first date." said Katie.
"Oh, you guys are the best friends a girl can have!" said Megan.

Wiping away her tears, Megan hugged Katie and Penelope.


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