Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Really Big Surprise

This caption really turned out longer than I had intended so I hope it isn't too wordy or anything like that.

On another topic now, if anyone has looked through the comments you may have noticed that I seem to express my gratitude toward almost all of them. I realize I am being repetitive like this and also taking up the comment space. So from now on I will mention that any comments, ratings, and criticism are always appreciated with every caption or story posted. I feel like I have to say this in case no one thinks I am ignoring them when they comment since I've made a habbit out of commenting after a lot. Although I will respond if necessary or if I feel like mentioning something. Sorry if I sound odd, it's just the way I am feeling about this.

Anyway, enjoy the new caption.

1 comment:

  1. Sometimes captions need to be long to get the full story out. I've been finding myself doing that lately too. I think the story has more value than the picture, and in this case it was true. Good job!